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Lesson Plan, Mother's Class Essay

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College of Nursing
THEME: Mothers’ Class – Baby Hygiene
TITLE: Bubble Bath for Babies
GENERAL OBJECTIVE: The mothers will be able to provide proper hygiene to their infant.
The mother will understand the reason for washing an infant. | 2 min | Babies need regular baths to clean their skin and hair more consistently than being wiped with a cloth after eating or during a diaper change. Baths control excess oil in the hair, clean your baby’s skin from too much moisture and dry the areas between her skin folds.A bath is also a time to check his body for rashes or ...view middle of the document...

Hold and cover the baby’s ears * Use your hand that’s supporting the head, neck and back.
(Prevent water from entering the ears and causing infection.) 6. Scoop water and pour on the baby’s head. 7. Apply baby soap and massage gently. 8. Rinse off the soap with water. 9. Use wet cotton balls to wipe/ wash the eyes. * Inner to outer canthus 10. Use another cotton ball to wipe and wash the baby’s face and neck. * Circular motion 11. Wash the baby’s body * Wet the baby’s body * Apply soap from the medial to the arms and extremities. 12. Rinse thoroughly with water. 13. Wash the baby’s genitals. * Wet the genitals, * Wipe using wet cotton balls*For baby girls, wipe from front to back to prevent infection* 14. Rinse thoroughly. 15. Carry the baby out of the tub while still supporting the head, back and neck. 16. Towel dry the baby. Perform cord care if the umbilical cord is still attached.Put on diapers and the clean set of clothes. | Lecture | To directly deliver factual information to the mothers. | Manila Paper | QUIZ: Flash Card Quiz |
The mother will observe the process of bathing a baby. | 10 min | | Demonstration | For the mothers to visually learn the steps of bathing a child. | Doll
BasinWarm waterWash clothCotton
Baby Soap | GAME: Identify the Item! |
The mother will be able to demonstrate the steps on how to properly bathe a baby. | 10 min | | Return Demonstration | For the student teachers to witness whether the mothers are able to execute the procedure correctly. | Doll/Infant
BasinWarm waterWash clothCotton
Baby Soap | RECITATION: Enumeration |
The mother will be able to understand the importance of proper hygiene during postpartum. | 10 min | Mother hygiene a. Hand washing Hand washing is the most effective way to prevent infections and diseases caused by microorganisms like bacteria and virus. Steps :Wet hands and apply soap. Rub palms together until soap is bubbly. Rub each palm over the back of the other handRub between your fingers on each handRub your...

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