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Lesson Plan Design Essay

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Lesson Plan Design

Planning involves several stages; the major two with which we are concerned at this point is UNIT PLANNING and LESSON PLANNING. Unit planning will be covered at a later point; at this stage, we will deal with individual lesson plan design.
At the Pre-Planning stage, before you actually plan your lesson, be sure you have sufficient information about the students' past and present knowledge and achievement levels.  Much of the research indicates that students who are not successful in learning a lesson fail to learn because they lack the pre-requisite skills.
Try to visualize your lesson from beginning to end:
* what materials will be needed
* how ...view middle of the document...

  The latter is especially important in light of our limited working memory; when we are teaching, we are expected to be aware of everything that is occurring in the room (Kounin's with-it-ness or situational awareness) as well keep a focus on the lesson.  That requires that the lesson serve as a guide in case our working memory gets overwhelmed - and it will!  Consequently, you must list the steps that are involved in the process.
Similarly, when you "review" at the beginning of the lesson, writing a vague statement such as "I will review the basic facts in American history" there will be little guidance.  Obviously, if you write a sentence like that, you have some idea of what you want to cover; however, you must list those points that you want to cover to insure that they come in proper sequence, that you have not omitted any that are crucial to the lesson, and that serve as a guide when your working memory is taxed to its limits.
Also note that that the focus in review and closure of your lesson is on the student - it is much more appropriate to write it as follows, "I will ask students to explain the major reasons for the break away from England, including: no representation in decision making, the Quartering Act, and the lack of perceived religious freedom."  Note that there may be other reasons for the break, however these would have been the ones that were stressed in class and which are key in understanding today's lesson.
Before we look at individual lesson planning, let's consider some of the important aspect of the process in which you will be involved before you start filling out the daily lesson plan.
As you begin to plan, consider the following:
1. CONTENT - is the content to be...

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