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Lesson Essay

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An assignment on Writing “a lesson”
CC: 0038 / Materials Development

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Prof. Dr. M. Maniruzzaman
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Department of English
Jahangirnagar University

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Md Sumon Miah
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Department of English
Jahangirnagar University

Unit 1 : Climate Change
Learning Outcomes
After you have studied this unit, you will be able to
* Read and understand texts
* Talk about climate and environment
* Ask and answer questions
* Take part in role-plays
* Write short guided and semi-guided sentences and passages

Lesson 1 : The greenhouse effect
Key words : Trap planet ...view middle of the document...

These fuels have carbon in them. This carbon and other gases trap the heat in the atmosphere and do not allow the earth to cool down. As a result, the Earth gets hotter.

B Tick the best answer
1 The greenhouse is made of…….
a wood
b iron
c glass

2 What do people grow inside the greenhouse?
a only plants
b tomatoes and flowers and other plants
c big trees

3 The greenhouse is……….for us.
a dangerous
b essential
c obligate

4 What traps the heat in the atmosphere?
a only carbon dioxide
b sun
c carbon dioxide and other gases

5 The Earth is getting warmed……… by day.
a slowly
b rapidly
c cautiously

C In pairs, discuss the questions and write answers to them.
1 What is a greenhouse? How does it work?
2 What is global warming? Is it dangerous for us?
3 Is the greenhouse disastrous for Earth?
4 How is the Earth’s atmosphere similar to a greenhouse?
5 Recently temperatures on Earth have been rising faster than normal. Why is it so?
D Complete the following passage with the missing words given in the box. The first one is done for you.

Gases Carbon dioxide fuels machinesGreenhouse climate ...

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