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Lesson 13 Activity Essay

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Many people have obligations that can conflict with their profession. One of the major conflicts that human resources departments have to deal with is the conflict between work life and family responsibilities. Children and elderly family members can require extensive time from a worker. This time has a fairly large chance of conflicting with work time. The worker then must make a decision: do I take time if I am unable to find someone to fill in for me at home?

The case presented here revolves around Joe. Joe is chronically late and exhibits extensive absenteeism on Mondays and Fridays. The fabrication plant, seeking to avoid a mandatory overtime policy, chose to tighten up on attendance ...view middle of the document...

Joe may have been chronically late, but did he use up legally acquired time in the process? Does the current attendance policy allow for such absenteeism, and if so, what can be done to address it? Procedurally, the conversation is just; the company has every right to expect Joe to be on time and not abuse sick time. However, the company also needs to be realistic about expectations. It would not be within the definition of distributive justice to punish Joe for a snowstorm that closes the school system and required his wife, who works an essential position at a hospital, to come in.

This is a documented case in which Joe has reasonable justification for being home. And while the plant may be open, how many other workers with children were subsequently forced to take the day off? It would not be wise to have the fabrication plant take responsibility for forcing Joe to come in. Children left at home are considered at risk and the parents punishable in a court of law. Bringing them to work would make the plant liable, and it is questionable at best if a fabrication plant is the right place to be bringing children to.

Based on the evidence and the factors discussed, I would thank the supervisor for his recommendation but reject his request. This decision would cost the company more than it would gain. Joe may be chronically late and absent on weekend days, but it is unethical to blame him for putting his children first. He would be criminally liable if he left them unattended, and the...

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