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Les Miserables Journal Entry Essay

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“Jean Valjean, my brother: you belong no longer to evil, but to good. It is your soul that I am buying for you. I withdraw it from dark thoughts and from the spirit of perdition, and I give it to God!”(Pg. 33)
This shows how that even though a man went through, metaphorically, hell, he does not have to stay there but can turn to God and become a better man and not let hate and anger swell up within him.

“He lived peaceable, reassured, and hopeful, having but two thoughts: to conceal his life, and to sanctify his life: to escape from men and to return to God.”(Pg. 72)
It shows that even if a man tries hiding from his past and even if he is trying to become good man by hiding his past and his shame from his face; he is simply digging a hole ...view middle of the document...

“Well” said he¸ ”let us take this course! Let us do our duty! Let us save this man!” …… Do what he might, he always fell back upon this sharp dilemma which was at the bottom of his thought. To remain in paradise and there become a demon! To reenter into hell and there become an angel! (Pg. 75)
Jean Valjean disguised as Monsieur Madeleine sees that even though he has risen up and has become more than just dirt it is not worth to live than to live a lie and let another man take the fall of his mistakes.

Point of View:
“Towards the end of the year 1815, an unknown man established himself in the city, and had conceived the idea of substituting gum-lac for resin in the manufacture: and for bracelets, in particular, he made the clasps by simply bending the ends of the metal together instead of soldering them. (Pg. 48-49)
If this had been first person instead of first-person instead of third-person objective point of view it cause you to be confused as you wouldn’t know who the person was that was speaking as the persons thoughts wouldn’t say that he was an unknown man. As far as we could know it could have been Javert.

“His name was Javert, and he was one of the police. He exercised at M— sur M— the unpleasant, but useful, function of inspector. He was not there at the date of Madeleine’s arrival. Javert owed his position to the protection of Monsieur Chaboullet, the secretary of the Minister of State, Count Angles, then prefect of police at Paris.” (Pg. 57)
If this had been first-person omniscient it would have felt more of a detective setting like a one of those black and white movies where he is talking to himself instead of giving facts to lead into Javert himself.

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