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Lennie As An Animal Essay

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Of Mice and Men
Of Mice and Men
Lennie described as a “terrier”-
* The comparison between Lennie and George as dog and master is reinforced.
* George tells Slim that Lennie will do anything he tells him to, even jump into the river when he doesn't know how to swim.
* Lennie's love is unconditional. He follows orders, even when he doesn't know the harm they might cause.
* Terrier- small dog that won’t let go also both are shot by Carlson’s gun.
* Candy regrets not having shot his old friend.
* Direct comment to George – in retrospect, this advice when he shoots Lennie.
* Lennie obeys George as a dog does to his master and relates to Candy’s dog also evokes how ...view middle of the document...

Description of light proclaims a sick colour and is not very bright. |
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Animals in OMAM

Novella | Analysis |
The dog is shot which is “sounded in the distance.” | Direct correlation between the fate of the dog and the fate of Lennie (both killed by same gun). Results in desolation and loss of closest friend. Steinbeck pressing for more co- operative society, so weak are able to exist with the help of the strong. |
Lennie sees the rabbit in his dream “speaking in his voice”. | Rabbit manifestation of Lennie’s guilt and fears. Fantasy of rabbit is one of Lennie’s preoccupations and thus the one thing he can understand his thoughts fully. |
When Lennie kills mouse. | Desire for Lennie to touch soft objects foreshadows his death to come. Mouse is first meeting where small things are being mistreated or controlled by larger forces they can’t control. |
Lulu’s pups. Slim drowned some. | Limited milk of mother as extended metaphor in text for American economy at the time plus shortcomings of capitalism. This...

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