Legalizing Underage Drinking Essay

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Legalizing Underage Drinking
I. Introduction
A. How is it that you can vote, go to war and die for your country, buy a house and live on your own, buy a gun, and you can go to prison but you can’t buy alcohol? Why is it that in other countries such as Mexico and in most of Europe, you can drink at the age of 18 or even younger?
B. One of the main causes why the drinking age was set to 21 is because too many people under this age were driving drunk and getting into car accidents. A solution for that is that the government should instead invest all that money spent on cops trying to stop underage parties in programs that educate and prevent underage driving.
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If you can buy cigarettes, why not alcohol? They both have the same long term effect.
B. Government can control it better.
1. When people under 21 can’t drink and go to the bars where there is security, they are parties where the police can’t control what they are doing.
a. According to National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 5,000 people under the age of 21 die due to alcohol related incidents.
b. Therefore government needs better control on this situation.
2. A survey released by the Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (TCADA) found that by the time Texas teenagers are seniors in high school, more than 80% of the teens admit to having some experience with alcohol. These same students also said it was easy to get alcohol.
a. If people under 21 are drinking anyways, why not embrace it and legalize it?
b. A way the government can start controlling is by implementing drinking classes in college and even high school that teach them about the usage of alcohol.
C. By legalizing alcohol to 19 and older, it will help slow down the underage drinking.
1. Once you are able to drink legally, it takes out the fun out of doing something illegal.
2. By allowing young adults at earlier age, it will make them slow down on the drinking just like when you turn 21.
a. In most cases when you turn 21, you indulge this ability to drink for a while until they grow tired of it.
III. Conclusion
A. Overall, the drinking age should be lowered to at least 19 years old because if you are considered as an adult that can do just about anything, drinking should be allowed as well.

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