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Legalizing Marijuana Essay

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Legalizing Marijuana
Kendall Joseph
James York
Sociology 120
September 18, 2011

In recent years there has definitely been an extremely unprecedented interest about whether or not marijuana along with its constituent compounds should be allowed to be used as medicine. There have been eight states since 1996 that have approved the medical use of marijuana. Although there are some people who simply dismiss the idea of medical marijuana as a subterfuge enabling liberalization, which they are afraid that there is a small chance that it will spread the plague of drug abuse. Having marijuana legalized could legitimate the drug as both safe and effective . Marijuana's ...view middle of the document...

I myself, feel that the utilitarianism view is the one that is most closet to my own perception.
The way in which legalizing marijuana could help to create jobs on all levels would be for example warehouses, distributers, local stores, and manufactures. Now each one of these businesses would have to be completely staffed with janitors or cleaning crews, store clerks, stockroom clerks, customer service clerks, delivery people, warehouse workers, supervisors and management. What some of these jobs would be able to offer is some much needed medical benefits for their employees, although some employers may not have been able to give these much needed benefits. However in this economy today most people would have been just as content with simply being employed it does not matter if it is a part-time job or a full-time job. These jobs would have also the people be able to pay extra money to their social security benefits and also would benefit the entire economy, simply because if all of these people are employed it means that there will be a great amount of money that can be spent back into the economy as a whole(MacCoun 10/2001). Being able to feed money back into our economy would definitely give our economy a good start out of this recession. Another way that legalizing marijuana would help to create jobs and will be an asset is that it will also help the government to save money on not having to pay out a great deal of unemployment benefits. Since, there will be an extraordinary amount of jobs that can be created simply means that the government can take the money that it was going to pay on the unemployment benefits along with the monies that it will not have to bail out these businesses and redirect it to some much more needed areas(MacCoun 10/2001).
The way in which legalizing marijuana would help the government bring more money into the economy would be by simply allowing the Department of Treasury the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau to be able to collect excise taxes. One of the Alcohol and Tobacco's Trade Bureau responsibility is levying as well as collecting excise taxes on alcohol, tobacco, firearms, ammunition, and it will also be marijuana if it is legalized, they also help to develop legislation and regulations. By allowing the government to be able to collect extra excise taxes which is more taxes that is usually collected should help to start to fill the big giant hole in our economy(Califano 10/2008). The government also has the power of needed to place an additional tax as well just like the additional federal tax that has been placed on cigarettes which should help them raise all of the needed revenue and it can be placed into an program that is needed. The government will also be able to save money that they are currently paying out on the many different dimensions of the programs that are affiliated with marijuana( Califano 10/2008).
The way in which legalizing marijuana would help with medicinal...

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