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Legalize Marijuana Essay

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Legalize Marijuana

Should Marijuana be legalized nationwide? That is the question that many states and citizens are asking themselves. The main negative towards this movement is that it is a drug, but isn’t alcohol a drug too, and that is legal. What makes marijuana so bad? To the uneducated person, they will simply give you a answer of, “It is a drug and it’s a gateway drug.” Is this what the world has become to just take what other people say as gold, and not to question it. I say that this is shocking and unbelievable, that citizens would be this naïve.
Marijuana has been associated with many things from its medical purposes to its use as a raw material. Marijuana has been used ...view middle of the document...

But perhaps the most important attribute of hemp is its ability to produce a substantial amount of cellulose. Cellulose is a compound that has been converted into a biofuel called cellulostic ethanol. This biofuel can power everything that gasoline currently does and is being produced most commonly in the form of “energy crops;” mostly corn and cotton. Hemp holds an advantage though, because it can be produced more frequently than cotton, and it yields four times the amount of cellulose you can get from a corn stalk. In today’s economic situation, hemp would be a huge revenue creator. Currently, the United States has to import all of its hemp from countries like Canada and China, who have no laws banning the cash crop. Not only would domestic hemp production stop the pumping of American dollars into foreign farmers’ pockets, but it would create a mass amount of jobs for otherwise unemployed Americans. In these times of uncertainty, we need jobs and we need more domestic industry, and hemp can accomplish both of those. Recent times have also shown us the damage that we are doing to our environment and the realization that we can’t depend on fossil fuels anymore. With hemp being a major contributor to the alternative fuels movement, it makes one wonder why it’s still illegal to grow it. Because of the recent focus on marijuana legalization, many people are looking back to why cannabis was criminalized in the first place.
In 2006, alcohol contributed to 85,000 deaths in the United States. In 2000 alone, tobacco contributed to a staggering 435,000 deaths! In the entire history of mankind, marijuana has never been recorded as a cause of death. No one in recorded history has died from the consumption of cannabis. However, marijuana has been linked to short term memory damage and to a slightly reduced lung capacity when regularly inhaled.
Marijuana is also not as addictive as most media outlets would lead you to believe. The most addictive drug, even above heroin, is nicotine. After nicotine and heroine comes cocaine, and then alcohol. Below that is caffeine, and at the very bottom of the chart is marijuana; less addictive than your can of Coke.
Marijuana laws, as they are now, cost tax payers billions of dollars a year. The taxpayers have to pay for every individual that is sent to prison for possession of marijuana and nothing more. Most people are sent to prison for possession because they are on parole and it is a violation to have any illegal drugs on you or in your system. Because of the three strike rule, they are only three joints away from spending life in prison, which is...

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