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Legalization of Marijuana Marijuana has been proven to provide pain relief to victims of serious illnesses. Some people believe that marijuana should be legal so that hospitals would be able to distribute it to patients in need. In 1996, California residents were given the opportunity to vote on whether or not hospitals should be able to provide pain relief to their patients in the form of marijuana. This was called Proposition 215. Proposition 215 states that Californians should have the right to obtain and use marijuana for medicinal purposes where that medical use is deemed appropriate and has been recommended by a doctor who concluded that the use of marijuana ...view middle of the document...

( Another issue with the writing was brought up by drug Czar Barry McCaffrey. He points out that since no prescription can be written for marijuana because of federal regulations, a written or verbal recommendation can be written. That means people can talk on the phone with a doctor or listen to one on television and legally have the right to possess marijuana. ( No age limit was set on the use of marijuana. This could possibly result in children growing, possessing and using marijuana. Marijuana use by twelve to seventeen-year-olds doubled between 1993 and 1994, so the passage of Proposition 215 would legalize marijuana for the youngsters that people urge to stay clean; and permit an uncontrolled substance to bypass FDA procedures for ensuring safe, pure medicines. ( It was also pointed out that the FDA has approved of a drug called Marinol that has the same medicinal effect on people as marijuana does, so therefore we have no reason to use marijuana in the first place. Marinol is also easier to take than marijuana. The most effective way to take marijuana is to smoke it, and Marinol provides a pill that is much quicker and easier to take. Marinol is also available by prescription, which marijuana is not because of federal regulations.There are also issues on how marijuana affects the body. It has been proven that marijuana is more carcinogenic than cigarettes; doctors estimate that one "joint" has the same amount of carcinogens as ten cigarettes. That inflicts great damage to the lungs, by building up a layer of resin that prevents the lungs from doing their job properly and can cause serious lung diseases. The brain is also affected; marijuana slows down sensory action and affects both long and short-term memory. The heart and immune system are affected by the great amount of toxins released into the blood. Marijuana also affects the hormones of people. Males experience low sperm counts and can even become sterile; females experience changes in their menstrual cycles and can pass diseases along to their unborn children much easier ( However, marijuana does help terminally ill patients. Proposition 215 lets licensed physicians have the choice to approve the use of marijuana to their patients. If a doctor cannot recommend marijuana to their patients, they must break the law to use it.Marijuana is not a cure, but it can help cancer patients. Most have severe reactions to the disease and chemotherapy, usually severe nausea and vomiting. Only one in three patients continue chemotherapy treatment despite a 50% chance of improvement. When standard anti-nausea drugs fail, marijuana can often ease patients' nausea and by being smokes or baked into foods, permitting continued treatment. A Harvard University survey was performed, and almost one half of cancer doctors say that they would prescribe marijuana to...

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