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Child Sexual Abuse
Kenny Orr
Mrs. Walters

Child sexual abuse can happen anywhere, in any neighborhood, in every religion or group, covering all racial or ethnic groups, and it certainly doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are. You can live in a beautiful, gated-community of homes worth millions of dollars, and your child is still not protected from being molested or abused. (Child Sexual Abuse, April 3, 2008) Child sexual abuse is the use of a child for sexual purposes by an adult or older, more powerful person, including an older child. Being sexually abused is not any easy thing to overcome (CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE. (2002). The pain that comes along ...view middle of the document...

Perpetrators hold the most responsibility for child sexual abuse. Typically, they are older, are stronger, and can overcome the children’s resistance or take advantage of children’s socialization to obey older children. (Child Sexual Abuse. (2008). Perpetrators have many excuses and reasons why they way they are, such as “My wife won’t give me sex. I have to get it from somewhere” or “She loved me, and I loved her. This is love and not child sexual abuse.” Sometimes they have no excuses at all. (Child Sexual Abuse. (2008). They are fathers, mothers, stepfathers, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, babysitters, social workers, physicians, teachers, youth workers, or others who come in contact with children. They look like an every day man. It is not possible for a normal human being to look at someone and say that they know that person is a child abuser. Most perpetrators don’t even care what the outcome of abusing the child will be. The most common forms of sexual abuse with no contact is Photographing the child for sexual purposes. (CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE. (2002). Photographing is significant in the documentation of the findings of the child sexual abuse. (CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE. (2002). The findings of theses videos will usually be used for the evaluation of the child that was abused to see if the videos are of them.
Another type of sexual abuse is touching the child in places that should be protected. The perpetrators give sexual kissing; they give and receive oral sex or masturbation to their abusers. Most perpetrators force children upon them and force them into verbal intercourse and pressure them into having sex with them. The perpetrators often flash their body parts to the child to show them. The most abusing type that is beyond expectable is making the child whiteness others being sexually abused. (CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE. (2002). Sexual assault types includes rape and rape; oral copulation and sodomy; lewd and lascivious acts upon a child under the age of fourteen; penetration of a genital and/or anal opening by a foreign object; and child molestation. (CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE. (2002). Many types of child abuse affect the abusers for a lifetime or even more. Contact from perpetrator to abuser can be foundling, prostitution, exhibition, obscene phone calls and masturbation to the abuser. (Child Sexual Abuse. © RAINN 2009) The abuse is usually given from a perpetrator that is known to the child. It usually is a friend or a family member. (Child Sexual Abuse. © RAINN 2009 )
Sexual abuse, short-term affects sexual abuse that affects a child ability to function in the real world. (CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE. (2002) The most commonly experienced effect of sexual abuse is posttraumatic stress disorder. (Child Abuse, Identification of. (2010). PTSD is a clinical syndrome with symptoms that fall into three clusters: reenactment of the traumatic event, avoidance of cues associated with the event or general withdrawal, and physiological hyper...

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