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Legal Studies Hsc Essay

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1.1 Elements of the offence
The respondent, Jeffrey John Hillsley, charged with an indictment containing six counts which are murder of the deceased and the aggravated sexual assault of his ten year old stepdaughter, the circumstances of aggravation being her age and threats to inflict actual bodily harm with a knife, the kidnapping of the same child with the intention of having sexual intercourse with her and a further aggravated sexual assault upon the child, the circumstance of aggravation being her age. The offence of murder carries a maximum sentence of imprisonment for life. Those of aggravated sexual assault carry maximum sentences of twenty years’ imprisonment whilst the kidnapping ...view middle of the document...

When he was arrested the respondent said about the deceased, “He was harassing me, I wanted to shut him up, so I belted him”. The respondent said he had gone to the deceased’s home to “bash him” because he had not paid him for work which he had done. The respondent said of the deceased, “[M] likes to get into your personal life” that he had told the deceased “a friend of mine who had three strokes before it actually killed him and he started joking about three strokes… I thought that was a bit of no respect for my friend, no respect for my personal life and that’s what really pushed me over the edge”.

1.3 Outline the reporting and investigation of the crime.

At 8.30pm the police was searching for the accused Hillsley as they were informed of a man in the storm water drain at Campsie. Through the investigation they discovered the accused Jeffery Hillsley and arrested him. During the investigating process conducted by the police the accused attended an electronically recorded interview which he made detailed admissions to the offences with which he was charged. He admitted going to the deceased’s home armed and his purpose was initially to assault the deceased and secondly to obtain sexual gratification from the deceased’s 10 year old daughter. He admitted striking the deceased’s head with the hammer, as the deceased lay in his bed. He admitted to threatening to kill her with the knife and sexually assaulting her. He admitted to then forcing her to accompany him through several suburbs from the night into the next day. He admitted that during this period he again sexually assaulted her.
The accused also admitted that he had sexually assaulted her whilst staying in the deceased’s home earlier in December.
The young victim told the police that she was sexually assaulted by the accused in the garage of her home and taken from her home by the accused and later she escaped from him. She also revealed that she had been sexually assaulted by the accused in her home a few days earlier. DNA from a...

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