Legal Risks And Opportunities In Employment

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Legal Risk and Opportunity in Employment
In reviewing the various legal encounters, there are multiple legal risks within each encounter. A legal risk is the possibility that an event will occur and the impact, the practical consequences, should that possibility comes to pass. (Compliance LLC, 2009) Legal risk is difficult to manage as there are vast arrays of circumstances and situations that can put one at risk. The best possible antidote in minimizing such risks is to assess the situation prior to acting. It is also important to consider the risks. In each encounter stated herein, there is a chance that due the handling of a ...view middle of the document...

First, NewCorp need to have in place a non-fraternization clause to alleviate these risks in the future. Employees in authority positions should not be allowed to enter into relationships with their employees. Additionally, if Sam’s assessments are correct and there are some potential risks in working in a certain department, those risks may be a cause for concern. NewCorp needs to first assess the probability of the risks associated with the transfer. Further NewCorp, need to reprimand Sam for his harassing behavior.
Legal Principles
Legal Encounter 3
Senior maintenance technician, Paul, worked in a small, confined space repairing medical equipment. Paul had previously complained that the machine noise and vibration irritated him. After another employee was injured working on the machine NewCorp moved the machine, but the move was minimal due to nearby building support beams. Paul then begins refusing to work on the machine stating that is was dangerous. NewCorp had the safety manger review the area and the manager deemed the area safe. Now Paul has a Worker’s Compensation claim because he alleges that the space has made him claustrophobic. Paul has contacted the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and is threatening to hire an attorney to sue NewCorp.

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Legal Risk and Opportunity in Employment

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Legal Risk and Opportunity in Employment.Docx

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