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Legal Risk And Opportunity In Employment.Docx

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Legal Risk and Opportunity in Employment
Tester Pester
November 7, 2010
Lame Duck

This paper analyzes the legal principles and remedies behind the three scenarios described in the simulation.

Legal Risk and Opportunity in Employment
Legal Encounter One
NewCorp hired Pat Grey as a property manager. NewCorp fired Pat after three months. Pat thinks it is not related to performance but other outside issues. NewCorp maintains that it is not working out with Pat, so he is let go.
Legal Issues
1. Doctrine of promissory estoppels.
2. At-will Employment.
Vermont is an “at will state.” According to the definition of “at will” on the Department Of Labor, ...view middle of the document...

She ended the relationship and tried to transfer to another department. Sam has blocked the transfer. Paula maintains that it is illegal discrimination based on sex.
Legal Issues
1. Sexual harassment
2. Pregnancy Discrimination
3. Workplace negligence.
This is a clear case of sexual harassment. Sam has continued to exhibit unwelcome behavior, even after Paula told him to stop. According to Cheeseman (2010), The U.S. Supreme Court has held that sexual harassment that creates a hostile work environment violates Title VII. Conduct such as making lewd remarks, touching, intimidation, posting of indecent materials, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitute sexual harassment. Sam’s conduct is clearly creating a hostile environment. NewCorp will be liable if this goes to court. I recommend that HR look into taking disciplinary action against Sam.
This scenario also exposes NewCorp to Pregnancy discrimination. Pregnant ladies cannot work in the wire coating department because it could harm the early state fetus. According to cheesemann (2010) The Pregnancy Discrimination Act was an amendment to Title VII. This amendment forbids employment discrimination because of “pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions.” NewCorp will have to address this scenario. NewCorp needs to do additional research to identify ways to prevent the chemicals from affecting pregnant women.
The third legal issue is workplace negligence. Sam has identified the evidence that can lead to medical problems in pregnancy. NewCorp needs handle this situation immediately. This situation is a potential lawsuit, if pregnant women are allowed to work there without fixing the chemical issue. NewCorp needs to have the research department analyze the chemicals in use or will have to change the chemicals or provide protective clothing for women, which will prevent the effect of the chemicals.
Legal Encounter Three
Paul, the senior maintenance technician, has expressed concerns about the safety of the work area, around the pulp shredder. He says it is too confining and dangerous. One other employee has already met with an accident. Paul has threatened to sue
Legal issues
1. OSHA regulation
2. Workers Compensation
Paul contents that the pulp shredder is too dangerous and the space is too confining. Our...

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