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Legal Issues Paper

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Legal Issue Final Research Project PaperCrystal HallBUS 415 - Business LawUniversity of PhoenixInternet and Employee Privacy1. Introduction 32. How privacy laws affect the Internet as a whole 3What are the laws domestically on a federal level? 3What are the laws domestically on a state level? 4How do the laws vary on an international level? 43. How privacy laws affect the Internet in a company 4Customer Information 5Employees access 64. How privacy laws affect employees 6Personal information 7Employee Emails 7What do human resources say about privacy laws affecting employees? 85. Privacy laws in Internet ecommerce 8Transaction data 9Security and data protection 9How ...view middle of the document...

Users exist in homes as well as in the business arena. It has become a part of everyday life and there are millions of users. In relation to the workplace, it has proven to be difficult in that corporate rules and regulations have undergone modification to adjust to the Internet. Although, the Internet is a part of everyday life there are still privacy laws that provide perimeters around what is right and what is wrong.2A. What Are the Laws Domestically on a Federal Level?"The text of the United States Constitution does not contain the word privacy. Therefore, it has found the concept of privacy to be protected by a number of the Amendments (Internet Privacy, 2000)." Essential, information that is stored on the user's devices within the home is covered. However, if the user stores his or her files on the Internet sites they use, they are not necessarily covered. These regulations are governed by the Federal Privacy Act, which contains approximately 10 National Privacy Principles (Federal Privacy Law, 2007).2B. What Are the Laws Domestically on a State Level?At the state level, the laws are defined by each state. Most states have adopted similar laws in that illegal information or information used for illegal purposes is subject to prosecution. However, most companies use their corporate policy to ensure guidelines are followed in relation to Internet usage. Most employees are required to sign statements in relation to adhering to the procedures and by signing indicates an understanding regarding repercussions.2C. How Do the Laws vary on an International Level?Internet privacy laws do not change in relation to the business. Essentially, no company is exempt from privacy laws. The variations change in relation to national and international boundaries. The owner of a sole proprietorship business would be sole responsible for any violations. This business entity is marked by the unlimited liability assessed to the owner. In a partnership, two or more people share the risk. The risk is very similar to a sole proprietorship however; the difference is the non-compliance is shared. Lastly, in a corporation the responsibility will lay within the shareholders and those elected to the staff.3. How Privacy Laws Affect the Internet in a CompanyCustomers and government regulators are looking at Web Sites to decide how well business protects customer privacy. The first thing they look for is a notably posted and plainly written privacy policy. An excellent privacy policy tells customers about what information the Web site gathers and what is done with that information once composed (Online Privacy, 2003).3A. Customer InformationCustomer privacy procedures should be taken by organizations to guarantee that classified customer information is not abused or stolen. Since most businesses have a powerful competitive reason to keep an restricted access to the data, and since customer trust is typically a high priority, many businesses take security measures to...

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