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Legal Aspects Of International Trade Essay

752 words - 4 pages

* International law
* The new millennium
* International vs. national
* Codification
* Natural law
* Sovereignty
* International conflict
Sources of international law
* Judicial decisions and the teachings of the most qualified publicists in the various nations
* International conventions
* International customs as evidence of a general practice accepted as law
* General principles recognized by civilized nations
International treaties and conventions
Treaties | Conventions |
Considered more serious in scope and function than conventions (for example, peace treaties and border treaties) | Sponsored by an international ...view middle of the document...

* Codifying international contract terms: Incoterms
Additional organizations
Hague Conference on Private International Law
Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa
CDIP (Committee on Development and Intellectual Property)
World legal systems
Common law
* Developed out of the British legal tradition
* Often referred to as “judge made law”
* Many areas are not codified or legislated
* Important to the U.S., Australia, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong
Civil law
* Legal systems that base rulings on existing or codified law
* System is supported by a code that contains important legal principles used as the starting point for
* legal analysis
* conclusive statements
* Imposes more constraints on judges than common law
Shari’a law
* Islamic legal system derived from the Qur’an
* Practiced in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan and northern Sudan
* Prohibits unearned or unjustified profit
Asian legal systems...

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