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Legal And Ethical Views Essay

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Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness

By: Monica Wilson
Bus 499
January 14, 2014

While completing my research on Alcoa Inc. it has been an interesting history tree at a glance from when business opened to now. You’ll never know how Aluminum has been incorporated into the public eyes over the years. With this extent research, I’ll be introducing the company’s changes over the years, and how it has an impacted in today’s society. Furthermore, seeing the products from different stages has increased our abilities to use aluminum more efficient and cost saving ways.

Assess how globalization and technology changes have impacted the corporation you ...view middle of the document...

For instance, fuel efficient vehicles to save energy and gas is a tremendous savings on the economy. Since 1889, when the lightweight kettle was invented, this was a start for women to have a sense of fashion within their homes and local businesses. Which the established work has taken place on Smallman Street in Pittsburgh PA. But they had to relocate since the business in the downtown region was a bit much, so they moved to New Kensington, PA in 1891. Which in this case their business was on the downside of fabrication, but more upscale on extraction on manufactured raw materials that we are currently using today.
As time has passed Alcoa is also known for aluminum in vehicles, which is the framework of the vehicle that holds the car in one place. This invention has lead from carriages to manual and automatic vehicles to transport goods and people working every day. In 1994 aluminum is used in Audi v8 vehicles which are the first all-aluminum car. Since this car has demonstrated the light-weight capacity, it’s actually a 5-7% in fuel savings cost in all-aluminum cars. Having this amount in gas savings is very essential for the local people whom use gas on a daily basis to save some money (Staff, 2013).

Assess how the vision statement and mission statement of the corporation influence its overall success?
Understanding the history of Alcoa Inc. is something that needs to be understood. This is one of most top companies that have invented kitchen appliances to motor vehicles that save energy and gas costs. Having the information and the vision at its best really puts into play the major competitors at risk. Some businesses would have partnered with a business like this to...

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