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Lee Daniel's The Butler Essay

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The Lee Daniel’s Butler movie is about Cecil Gaines (Forest Whitaker) who has served six white American presidents until currently a black president, Barrack Obama. Gaines served as a butler for 37 years. He observed the slow process to race equality from a political perspective, campaigning for Civil Rights Movement. His son Louis (David Oyelowo) joined the civil rights movement and would dine with great people such as Martin Luther King Jnr. Gaines father and mother picked cotton on a white man’s plantation in Georgia (Nashawaty 1). Louis has been involved in a violence scandal as well as her mother Mariah Carey where she claims to have been raped by the plantation owner. The movie creates mixed reactions to the audience with various scandal represented, but essential to the society to understand racism in the 20th century.
The movie is likely to create mixed reactions because it involves the whites and blacks, where whites are more ...view middle of the document...

The movie early scenes are captivating, watching Gaines rise from a domestic houseboy to a butler as a result of his mother’s rape. The scene is exiting to find some unfavorable situations can birth to a better lifestyle. However, seeing Louis being imprisoned for fighting for the rights of minorities is disgusting.

The Lee Daniel’s Butler movie is controversial because the film was inspired by Cecil Gaines who is the fiction butler and Eugene Allen who is the real life White house butler but the two have very few personal details in common. Movies are sometimes controversial because the directors project fictional and non-fictional situations and want the audience to see them as real. For example, in this movie, Mariah Cary had an affair with precious Mr. Daniels and Carey doesn’t care the concern of his husband. Rape should be remorseful and should create concern (Nashawaty 1).

David Oyelowo, who should act at a capacity of a 37 years old acts as a sixteen year old boy at the beginning of the movie to the end.

The film is important to the society because it addresses race relations which are really affecting a large population. However, the film would not have injected sexuality because it was unnecessary. The sexual dialogues are also masked by a distracting camera sound effect. The section ought to have been audio and visual or left out by the director because he indicated that the movie needs parental guidance for the children aged 13 years.
In conclusion, the Butler movie traces the theatrical changes of the American people from civil rights movement to Vietnam and beyond. Louis’ imprisonment for fighting for equality is expected especially with his friendship with Martin Luther king Junior who also severally incarcerated. Louis father’s butler position raises questions on what steps he undertook to see the success of civil rights movement because in his position he was able to redeem his black fellows. However, the filmmaker’s intention to create a faded picture of the blacks is incorrect because they were given a chance for 37 years in the top government through Gaines. This means, they were potential leaders and recognized in the country.

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