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Leaving Belfast Essay

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Leaving Belfast is a poem by Andrew Motion (1952 - …) an English poet, novelist and biographer.
The story seems to be situated in Belfast, the capital city of Northern Ireland, which had been the scene of various episodes of sectarian conflict between its Roman Catholic and Protestant populations at that time. These opposing groups in this conflict are now often termed republican and loyalist respectively, although they are also referred to as 'nationalist' and 'unionist'. The most recent example of this conflict was known as the Troubles, a civil conflict that raged from around 1969 to the late 1990s, with rival paramilitary groups formed on both sides. Bombing, ...view middle of the document...

But in the first stanza the use of commas is abundant to make the reader stop in each of them, with the aim of making him/her think about what he/she has read, we can assume that this happens because the poet wants us to focus more attention or the bigger part of the attention to that stanza and what it is said in it. Four of the stanzas are finished with a comma or a full stop to make a pause before starting the new one; the first stanza, the second stanza, the sixth stanza and the last stanza. But the third stanza, the fourth and the fifth instead of having commas or full stops at the end they have enjambments, which connect the last line of the stanza with the first line of the next one and the ideas in them, as a consequence make us read faster.
As I have mentioned the poem is about a journey which Andrew Motion did and as the poem is written in first person we could say that he is also the one who is telling us the story, the narrator of the poem.
In the first stanza the poet, which is the main character of the poem, introduces us to the journey with the word “driving at dusk on the steep road” in the first line. He makes us enter and form part of the story he is going to tell, giving us some kind of importance in the story or maybe to make us fell nearer to the...

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