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Leather Goods Essay

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Role of SMEs Export Growth in Bangladesh
Md Shafiqur Rahman Senior Research Officer, Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry

Abstract: Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) occupy unique position in most of the countries especially in a developing country. They are a primary target for many countries desiring to stimulate economic growth and development. The SMEs sub-sector plays an increasingly dominant role in the technology assimilation and dissemination and in economic development in Bangladesh as well. The emphasis being put on the SMEs has increased greatly now that the time is coming nearer that Bangladesh will have to document its status of implementing actions ...view middle of the document...

Though the SME sector is becoming gradually a rising industrial sector of our country and contributing more and more to our export, this sector faces several common problems likelack of technical know-how, shortage of long-term financial support, lack of skilled workers, marketing link, R & D, knowledge on safety measures, hygiene, environmental pollution, etc. We need to acquire proper institutional knowledge in the fields of technological and managerial education and ask academics and researchers to work more vigorously for the sector’s rapid development. SMEs in Bangladesh produce a multitude of labour intensive goods including, consumer items, toys small tools and paper products for the domestic market. Further development of these industries offers various investment opportunities. Export-oriented production in SMEs has gained momentum in the past few years. Entrepreneurs from Hong Kong, Japan and Korea have taken advantage of Bangladesh’s cheap and easily trainable labour and its infrastructure facilities to manufacture products for the export market. 2.0 Role of SMEs in the Present Context Economy Bangladesh maintained its upward strides in economic growth duly manifested by positive developments of the major macro-economic indicators. GDP growth was 6.43 percent in 2006-2007 compared to 6.63 percent in 2005-2006. The growth of GDP was 5.96 percent for the year 2004-2005. The national savings and investment reached 29.20 and 24.30 percent of GDP respectively in 2006-2007. Per capita GDP and GNI would cross U$ 482 mark for the first time in Bangladesh and stand at US$ 482 and US$ 520 respectively. The contribution of service sector in the GDP was 52.33% in 2007-2008; while industry and agriculture sectors were 28.58% and 19.09% respectively.

After all, small and medium enterprises, including the tiny and ‘micro’ enterprises comprise virtually all (about 99.85%) of all business enterprises outside agriculture in Bangladesh. Large enterprises account for only 0.15% of the said enterprises. SMEs including micro enterprises account for some 81.2%, while only 0.15% of all business enterprises employ a full 18.8% of the employment of all business enterprises outside agriculture. Clearly, small and medium enterprises including micro enterprises have a ground-breaking, monolithic and humongous importance in the economy of Bangladesh in the context of pro-poor growth. The government launched a strategy of industrialization focused on the manufacturing sector. Industries (manufacturing) sector expanded at an average rate of 6.44% per annum throughout the years of FY 1972-2005. The average growth of industry sector (manufacturing) during 1992-96 was 8.21 percent. But during 19972003, the growth rate rose to 6.8 percent. Manufacturing sector registered 10.77% growth for the 2005-2006. It was 9.52% for the year 2006-2007. The growth of SMEs in a number of industries, particularly in the field of plastic, food, footwear, rubber products, chemicals,...

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