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Leased Lines Essay

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Leased Lines
Crystol Weidger
INF325: Telecommunications & Networking Concepts
Instructor: Sabahudin Tricic
December 10, 2012

Leased Lines
In this paper we will answer the following questions a-g for a better understanding of leased lines.
a. Below what speed are there different leased line standards in different parts of the world?
Lease lines span between 1.544 Mbits/second for a typical T1 located in North America to over 34 Mbits/second in Europe. It was below 50 Mbits of data transmission when difficulties started to occur from country to country so that different parts of the world could configure their own set of lease line standards (Panko & Panko 2011).
   b. What is the exact speed of a T1 line?
North America provides ...view middle of the document...

    d. Why are fractional T1 and E1 speeds desirable?
Fractional T1 and E1 speeds are desirable because they help to alleviate cost. They also provide dedicated transmissions that can be divided into different lines for multiplexing data and voice communications. The T1/E1 is mainly used by companies and individuals that have a demand on internet access performance that is going to be dependable.
   e. List common fractional T1 speeds.

Leased Lines
The leased lines span between 1.544 Mbits/second for a typical T1 that is located in North America to over 34Mbits/second in Europe. There is also in Europe a comparable leased line standard that starts at 2.048Mbps, it is known as the E1.
    f. What are the most widely used leased lines?
The most widely used leased lines are the T1’s and Fractional T1’s and Bonded T1’s.
   g. What leased line standards are used above 50 Mbps?
For the speeds that are used above 50Mbps, the world uses one technology only. This is called SONET in the United States and known as SDH in Europe. The SONET speeds are measured in OC numbers and the SDH is measured in STM numbers. The speeds reached are multiples of 51.84Mbps.
When looking at leased line service we know that it is a service provided by the provider o allow the connection of two or more locations with the symmetric line of communication. Leased line is also known as Private Circuit and or Data Line. Typically leased lines are used by businesses to be able to connect to distant office locations since it does not have any other signal such as the PSTN. The PSTN has a given number and the leased line does not.

Panko, R., & Panko, J. (2011). Business Data Networks and Telecommunications (8th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall. ISBN: 9780136100126

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