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Lease Contract Essay

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BATANGAS STATE UNIVERSITY (BSU) is an institutions of higher learning of Republic of the Philippines, situated in Batangas City and Represented by the partners herein after the lessor,
The LESEE DIL Manuacturing Company, a partnership duly organized and existing under and by the virtue of the laws of the Philippines, with its principal place of business at Balagtas, Batangas City.

The LESSEE desires to lease from the LESSOR and the latter agrees to lease a space in a building located in Balagtas, Batangas City. NOW THEREFORE considering the foregoing premises the LESSOR and the ...view middle of the document...

d. The LESSEE shall give the LESSOR at least two months prior written notice if the LESSEE intends to terminate the contract of lease.
4. UTILITIES- all expenses for water and electric consumption services in the leased premises shall be for the account of the LESSEE. The LESSEE shall be responsible for any irregularity in the use of water and electric meters in the leased premises during the term of this contract.
5. SUB-LEASED PROHIBITED- the LESSEE shall not sub-lease the leased premises or any portion thereof and shall not assign or in any manner encumber the rights therein the rights by virtue of this contract.
6. ALTERATION AND IMPROVEMENTS- the LESSEE shall not in any way alter any of the structures in the leased premises without the consent of the LESSOR in writing.
7. INSPECTION OF THE PREMISES- the LESSOR shall have the right to inspect the premises at any time during the reasonable hours of the day and night.
8. LIABILITIES FOR DAMAGES- the LESSEE shall be liable for whatever damages that may cause on the leased premises by the reason of its own acts or omission or by those of anyone of his/her employees, personnel, guests, clients or customers.
9. NO IMPLIED WAIVER OR CONDITIONS- Failure of the LESSOR to invoke or enforce strictly the term an conditions of this contract shall not be construed as an abandonment or waiver of the terms and conditions herein set forth.
10. TERMINATION OF LEASE- should LESSEE fail to pay rentals as stipulated or should it, at any time, fail or neglect to perform, or observe any of the covenants, conditions, agreement, or restrictions herein the premises shall peacefully vacated by the LESSEE, and all persons claiming rights under it, without prejudice on the part of the LESSOR to exercise his rights arising from the contract and under the law. The entity shall notify the LESSOR and the LESSEE at least thirty (30) days in advance shoul the LESSEE decided to abandon the leased premises.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, The LESSOR and the LESSEE have hereunto signed their names this ______ day of _____ 2015 at Batangas City.





This contract of lease/ hire made and executed by and between:
I, Darwin Dula of legal age, Filipino and resident of hereinafter referred to as the LESSOR.
DIL Manufacturing Company, a manufacturer of Chillii Massage Oil duly organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws of the Philippines with principal place of business at Balagtas, Batangas City, represented herein by its Manager Maria Danica M. Sepillo referred to as the LESEE.
WHEREAS, THE LESEE has to hire a delivery motorcycle in order to mobilize it services to the consumers and shall be used by the...

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