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Learning Team Refection Week 2 Essay

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Learning Team Reflection
In this week assignment Team A will discuss how we plan to help Clapton Commercial Construction expand their operation from a single location to multiple. Clapton Commercial Construction will expand to Arizona while currently operating solely in Detroit, MI. Employing 650 employees the Clapton Commercial Construction falls into the medium size business with a plan to add 20 percent workforce in the new state. Our team will work to address employment laws to ensure Human Resources are running compliance.
Generally the principles and strategies to operate any size business will be fairly similar. The differences will depend on the type of business. A medium ...view middle of the document...

Communication is the key to running any size business. Communication includes communicating efficiently and effectively with coworkers, management, investors, customers, and business partners; anyone that is affiliated with the business in anyway. Proper and thorough communication can prevent a lot of issues and can bring about a lot of different ideas. Communication includes listening as well as talking, however; in order to communicate efficiently you need to understand what the other party is asking for, whether it is a manager of a customer.
According to the International Institute for Sustainable Development, establishing external credibility is one of the best advertisements for a company. (Business and Sustainable Development, 2002) It provides communications to the community which includes an annual report that explains their progress towards their environmental progress to enhance workplace and societal well-being. Providing this report allows customers, stakeholders, investors, employees, and others to view this data to see the good, the bad, and the ugly of the company. It shows that the company has flaws, specific goals, and has a measurement for achievement. Allowing this information to be available shows the community that the business is responsible and can be raw. This is a great benefit to an organization. Additionally, one of the most important strategies for a business of any size would be to create a mission statement. A mission statement is a declaration of the goals, principles and operating procedures of a company. The mission statement develops every aspect of the business and sets the goal for the whole organization. Without a mission statement a business would not be able to work towards the specific vision for its business.
Developing strategies is very important for any business. All successful businesses have strategies that they follow and those strategies will contribute to the success of the downfall of that business. Therefore, the first strategy proposed that can be applied to other businesses is the compensation plan strategy. For any business to be successful one must have an attractive business strategy around the compensation model in an effort to keep the business competitive within the market and in order to attract outside talent to the business for employment. As mentioned in the text, to effectively determine the best approach to developing a competitive and attractive compensation plan and business strategy, “the most fundamental question to ask should be “What do you want your pay system to accomplish” (Book, 453). In order to take Clapton Commercial Construction to the next level the compensation plan should include annual incentive bonuses, performance based increases annual, and a continuing education tuition plan for employees who would like to further...

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