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Learning Team Assignment

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Trial Assignment

Trial Assignment
Disney organization is the world’s best entertainment organization owing to several factors. This organization affects the lives of most Americans and people around the world through their films, theme parks and resorts. The company has been a key player in the film industry through its animations and other children’s films, this level of growth and identity comes with great wealth and financial strength to an organization like Walt Disney (Silverman, 2008). The financial security at Disney originates from several factors that the management considers as the pillars of driving the organization to higher levels of ...view middle of the document...

The guidelines help the employees to show the customer how Disney will help them realize the value for their money. The last area of growth that ethics and compliance affects positively is the financial management department and share market values in the stock markets. Practicing ethical and compliance strategies in the financial department at Disney has helped in increasing the level of investments in the company through shareholders and other investor (Silverman, 2008). Practicing theses policies displays a good financial image of the company to the investors.
The healthcare system commands a large part of the government’s budgetary allocation because of its facilities and the number of citizens it serves daily. The healthcare has an elaborate system that needs constant funding to make it effective to the taxpayers and policy makers. However, there are some departments within the healthcare system that requires more funding than the others. The healthcare service organizations spend a lot of income in two major categories (Baker, & Baker, 2000). The first category covers recurrent expenses on salaries and wages. The second category covers purchases, which mainly consists of drugs and other medical supplies. Controlling and monitoring these expenses require keen and discipline financial approach. In this case, the services provided should produce an equal measure on the expenses the health care...

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