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Learning Style Essay

734 words - 3 pages

Learning with Style: Defining Yourself as a Student

Mark LeCouter


American Public University System
Heidi McNally

Learning with Style: Defining Yourself as a Student

Many students have a certain way of learning that comes easiest to them but may not know how to identify and use it to their educational advantage. Some may have trouble with lectures while others may have trouble remembering diagrams. So in theory, whichever learning technique suits you, that undoubtedly is your learning style. I personally believe this to be true. Growing up as mostly a visual but also auditory learner, it made most classes easier to excel in than other students. On another ...view middle of the document...

Needless to say, it was also one of my best subjects for that reason. Seeking a higher education and attaining a degree is seemingly the outcome of my success in learning through little effort along with striving to become a better person by expanding my knowledge base. Being a visual learner has helped me to become more organized, socially outgoing, and helpful towards other students. As long as there weren’t any book reports involved, I was regularly tutoring people and helping them understand my learning style.
There are many instances when written instructions and reading assignments are unavoidable but to an auditory learner may seem difficult at times. They tend to talk to themselves in their head as they read (Felder & Soloman, n.d.) and lose interest in the material. After a second inventory from the Index of Learning Styles, auditory learning is a second style that aligns with my interests because of my ability to get more from spoken instruction as opposed to written (Felder & Soloman, n.d.). With the workload of classes throughout my education being verbal with ample interaction, I rarely had trouble. Verbal instructions would be easier to remember as I could then visualize what needed to be done. However, it was inevitable that a class would come along that would mainly be...

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