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Learning Plan Essay

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Learning Plan – COLL148
Four areas that I will work on to help me reach success as a student are keep an open line of communication with my teachers and my classmates, reading and comprehension, time management, and financial growth (budgeting).
To increase or maintain my open lines of communication, I will continue to participate in class discussions (minimum of 3 times 3 days per week). Also, if I have a doubt about anything, I will continually make sure to ask questions of my professors or the individual(s) that are in charge of area in which I am having a problem. To keep up with this, I will make sure to post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week, between 5pm-10pm.
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I will find subjects I am unfamiliar with and do research. I will also write more during all seven days in an effort to increase my vocabulary. This will be accomplished with the help of a thesaurus.
In an effort to improve my time management, I will stick to my schedule, starting for a week and then increasing by one week after each successful week. Eventually, this will lead to keeping a schedule more of a habit than a chore. I will purchase a daily planner by Tuesday, March 22, at 8pm and make sure to list all known activities and appointments so I can see in advance what I have planned. Also, to help achieve this goal, I will plan to see family on Sundays. This is not to say that I won’t be able to see or interact with them other days of the week, but Sundays will definitely be open. Also on Sundays, I am setting aside 8pm-11pm that all assignments have been completed and turned in, that I have fulfilled all of my weekly requirements, and to look and see what is planned for the week ahead.
Lastly, to keep with my goal of being financially stable, I will meet, monthly, with a financial planner, with my first meeting, Friday, March 28, 2011 at 6:30pm. I will continue to speak with my financial advisor at DeVry on a weekly basis to make sure that all financial obligations have been met and that no new ones have arisen.
This is a promise that I am making to myself and will keep. This is all in an effort to graduate from DeVry University with at least a 3.0gpa and to be financially stable in the process and all around become a better individual.

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