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Learning Paper

765 words - 4 pages

Learning and Cognition Paper
Jan George
University of Phoenix

Learning and Cognition Paper 
Learning is a basic function for all the living. Humans were born with certain behaviors such as innate (general influence at birth) as a result specific unlearned and some particular types conduct; while some obtain from learning. Learning, in the area of psychology is the most suitable in a human beings conduct likely the reaction from skills and cannot be attributed to temporary body states such as those induced by illness, fatigue, or drugs For that purpose, of getting a complete comprehension of the process of learning, in the view of the psychology field, it is really powerful for a ...view middle of the document...

There are two different types of learning
Reaction involves in part in the consideration to comprehending how a person understand more about it, but to be able to grasp the whole scope of the discussed matter, it is very important that one must distinguish between learning behavior. Performance contains the actual demonstration of learning as behavior, but learning in itself only has to result in the potential for future behavior. So in conclusion, learning is behavior potentiality that plays the role of an intervening variable between experience as well as behavior, hoping that eventually, if all goes well, finding expression through the performance.
Learning comes in different way; conditioning, is one of those types and was the Classical conditioning as well as operant conditioning. Classical conditioning, as has been explained by Pavlov, emphasizes on the interaction between an unconditioned stimulus (such as food) with a conditioned response (salivation for instance, when the ³lunch bell´ is rung) through the constant pairing of conditioned stimulus (ringing the bell) with an unconditioned response (the salivation when the food is presented to be eaten). It was only through the study of those mechanistic approaches, that classical conditioning was able to affect and change the resulted behavior. On the other hand, Operant conditioning, also sometimes referred to as...

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