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Learning Experience Paper

1106 words - 5 pages

Learning Experience
Lekisha S. Ashby
March 7, 2015
Elizabeth Riegner

Learning Experience

Everything in life we go through has a learning factor or experience we go through. We may not see thing when we’re going through them, but if we sit back after it’s all said and done we can see what the problems were and learn from the mistake or experience we encountered. My learning experience maybe very different from anything you have gone through. I will explain what it’s like to go through a “Bad Break-Up” and what can be learned from it.
In The Beginning
Like any new relationship it starts off great! You’re getting to know one another and the likes and ...view middle of the document...

Through this process, I discovered the power of positive thinking and acceptance. Everybody is different and therefore handles situations in different ways. For instance, I am a very sensitive and vulnerable person. When someone hurts me, I cry a lot, I forgive immediately, I don’t hate, and I don’t seek revenge. However, the feelings of disappointment and sadness stick with me for a long time, and I strive a lot to finally let go of those feelings. Dealing with a break up requires immense strength. We need to be strong to control our thoughts, to stop the crying, to find happiness in the present moment, and to let go of that person we love so much. I’ve come to learn that there is no one single effective method to deal with a break up. Some people might tell you it’s better to get involved with someone else as soon as possible; others might tell you to be alone a couple of months; and some others might argue that love is not worth it, and that you will always get hurt. I want to share what I have learned from my experience. I’d like to tell you it’s easy, but it’s not. It requires a lot of strength, patience, determination, hope, and self-esteem.
The Learning Experience
This is what helped me get over and learn about my break-up. First I had to stop any contact with my ex, stop calling, sending texts or emails. The second thing I had to do was stop looking for reasons why it ended and of what you could have done better. The only thing that
matters is the fact that the relationship came to its end and it’s time to move on. Stop thinking about what that other person thinks does, wishes, plans, and feels. The only person that matters is you. Commit each morning to fully accepting what is happening in the now. Believe there is a reason why this is all happening and trust that it’s for the best. Do not hate or wish anything negative to that person. Negative feelings are like holding a hot piece of charcoal expecting to be thrown at someone else. Only the person holding it gets hurt. Allow yourself to feel and to grieve....

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