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Learning Disabilities And The Classroom Essay

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Learning Disabilities and the Classroom
Melissa C. Strange
Grand Canyon University:

Learning Disabilities and the Classroom
Learning disabilities in the classroom is prevalent in many of our schools across The United States and the World. There has been much confusion and controversy over students with learning disabilities, some feeling that it is a disability and others feel that the students is classified or labeled as lazy and not wanting to learn. It is essential for there to be many support systems and individuals for a student that has disabilities. Such support systems can be called a Special Education Team. Some members of this team would be, Nicole DeMarco (Special ...view middle of the document...

(2012). Classrooms that are managed will tend to prompt students to engagement in the learning process (Dibapile, W. (2012). Another positive outcome if classrooms are managed well by teachers, the classroom can become environments of freedom to learn and it will provide a safe environment to learn (Dibapile, E. (2012).
Grouping, scheduling and lesson planning are other important components of successful classroom management. Each of these allow for the teacher to observe, adjust and tailor lessons to his or her students. For instance, the lesson plans need to incorporate materials that will aid each student in learning the materials at hand and to prepare them for lessons that will come. Grouping and scheduling are important for a teacher to use as an advantage to his or her student’s learning as well. Grouping can be advantageous and beneficial for students that have the same learning style or that are learning on the same grade level. By putting students that similarly learn, then the teacher can schedule group time or other activities that will aid the students.
Homework strategies, record keeping and selecting instructional materials are extremely important for the teacher. The teacher that was observed was a special education teacher and she did not give her students homework. She was just one teacher that the students visited throughout their day. She focused on selecting instructional materials that aided her students while they were in her class. For example, each student made a book of sorts that reviewed their vocabulary words. The students took a piece of paper and folded it in half long ways. Then they cut the paper in five equal flaps on one side of the fold and glued a picture of the vocabulary word on the front. When the flap was lifted, it gave the student the definition of the vocabulary word. These instructional materials allowed her to keep detailed records on each of her students as each learned their new words. It also gives her information that will tract each of the student’s progress from day to day, week to week, lesson to lesson and...

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