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Learning Centre Essay

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Early Childhood Education

What are Learning Centres?
The term Learning Centres refers to designated areas of the classroom where students congregate in small groups to accomplish given learning tasks. Typically, students can work independently in these centres, sometimes while the teacher works with a small reading group.
Examples of learning centres may include: listening to audio cassettes, playing educational games on the computer, practicing handwriting, writing/editing written works, reading silently, playing imaginatively in the puppet centre, and playing math games with manipulatives. Student work in a given learning ...view middle of the document...

In our Centre students will find a Quiet Corner where they can sit and read quietly on cushions, this area helps to de-stress or calm them.
In the Audio section, Students can listen to literacy selections for personal enjoyment by listening to stories being read to them via CD Player.
Teacher led Story time, allows students to practise valuable skills such as Listening, sitting quietly and recalling events in the story, such as main characters and outcome. This activity also creates an opportunity for students to develop their oral language skills.
A selection of Puzzles, either Alphabet or story telling sequencing puzzles will allow Students to practise arranging the events of a story in sequential order, they will work together as a group or on their own at their own pace.


Artificial Trees    (made from plastic/foam noodles and coloured tissue paper)
Floor Alphabet Mat (which the pieces are locked together to make a floor mat for the kids)
Rocking Chair
Several Coloured Cushions
Large Bean Bag Chair
One bookshelf
Large handmade storybook of The Three Bears for story time scenario
Handmade Felt Puppets (3)
Banner   (with name of the centre)
Handmade sandpaper letters
Assorted story books
Assorted Nursery Rhyme books
Assorted word and picture puzzles
Assorted Ladybird books
Children's CDs
Portable CD player/radio
Rules for the Centre Chart
Days of the week chart
Numbers chart (1 to 10)
Alphabet Banner
Rhyming Jars/bowls
Blank paper
Table cloths
Early Readers Bible
Book of Bible Stories
Miscellaneous items:-
Masking/Scotch/Double-sided tape
Children's scissors
Staple machine

Working within the reading centre, teacher will assemble relevant materials to be used for that period before hand. I.e. books and manipulatives, flash cards etc.
She will ensure that the area is set up to her satisfaction to enable the best possible...

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