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Learning And Development Essay

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1. Introduction
This seminar paper deals with the Learning and Development Strategy of Dashen bank vis-à-vis the best practices and best fits recommended by scholars in the field. Our assessment covers the literature review analysis on the best practices and best fits as provided by the tool kits. We have also reviewed the Dashen bank’s business as well as Human Resources Management Strategies, HR Training Policies and Procedures and the Bank’s Profiles.
The paper presents the literature review in the first part and analysis of the Bank’s strategy in general and learning and development strategy in particular based on the tool kit as advised by the instructor in the second part. The final ...view middle of the document...

It is business-led, and the learning and development strategies that are established as part of the overall SHRD approach flow from business strategies, although they have a positive role in helping to ensure that the business attains its goals.

Learning and development (L&D) strategy is an organizational strategy that articulates the workforce capabilities, skills or competencies required to ensure a sustainable, successful organization and that sets out the means of developing these capabilities to underpin organizational effectiveness.(CIPD Website)

Learning and development strategies enable activities to be planned and implemented that ensure the organization has talented and skilled people it needs and that individuals are given the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills and levels of competency. They are the active components of an overall approach to strategic human resources development. Learning and development strategies are concerned with developing a learning culture, promoting organizational learning, establishing a learning organization and providing for individual learning. (M. Armstrong 2008).

The Learning and Development Strategy is a forward looking document setting out how Learning and Development will support achievement of the Human Resource Department and strategic goals and contribute to Departmental effectiveness over the coming period. The primary objective for developing the strategy is to explore and select options for addressing learning and development needs.

As part of the process of developing a Learning and Development Strategy taking a critical look at the existing Learning and Development policies and practices that are in place across all the business units is necessary. It should also be followed by an examination of the level of joined up thinking in the Learning and Development and HR areas and the extent to which outputs/outcomes from Learning and Development activities can be traced to some specific aspect of the overall corporate strategy.

To be effective, the Learning and Development Strategy should be internally consistent and be mutually reinforcing with other strategies across the Department and it should be integrated and inter linked vertically and horizontally with other strategies (for example, reward)

4.1. Strategic HRD Aims

Strategic HRD aims to produce a coherent and comprehensive framework for developing people through the creation of a learning culture and the formulation of organizational and individual learning strategies. Its objective is to enhance resource capability in accordance with the belief that a firm’s human resources are a major source of competitive advantage. It is, therefore, about developing the intellectual capital required by the organization as well as ensuring that the right quality of people is available to meet present and future needs.

The main thrust of SHRD is to provide an environment in which people are encouraged to learn...

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