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Learning A Little Bit More About Someone's Background

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Noemi Diaz
Febuary 24, 2009
Mrs. Bucka
Period 5 English III


The purpose for this interview is so that I can learn a little bit more about you and your back round. This interview is going toward my High School junior research project…. So no worries anything you tell me will not be used against you so feel free to tell me anything…

1. What part of Chile were you born?

I was born in Santiago Chile.

2. Did your ...view middle of the document...

8. In what ways did Pinochet have an effect on you and your family?

He had an effect on my family because we went from nice and peaceful to not being able to walk out on the street without getting interrogated. We lived in complete fear.

9. From the past questions I remember you telling me about dating a young man who was part of the communist movement how did that have an effect on your family and why?

It had an effect on my family because if they would find anything that was at all related to communist we were killed on the spot.

10. What are some of the things that Pinochet changed during his dictatorship, and why do you feel he did that?
Like I said before I don’t remember much but I believe he did it to prove a point.

11. What were some of the things that had the biggest impact on you during the Pinochet dictatorship?

How he treated everyone it was almost disgusting to see how he thought he was inferior to everyone but we all knew he was a coward.

12. What astonished you the most about Agusto Pinochet?

How he thought he was the most powerful man alive.

13. At your young age during the Pinochet dictatorship how politically informed were you? If so how did you get...

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