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Learn Kannada Essay

3789 words - 16 pages

Kannada Class – Session I Handout

Naanu Me / I am Naanu software engineer. (I am a software engineer)
Neenu You Neenu student. (You are a student)
Namma Ours Namma desha Bharata. (Our country is Bharata).
Nimma Yours Nimma ooru ABC. (Your home town is ABC)
Yaaru Who Teacher yaaru? (Who is the teacher?)
Yaavaga When Class yaavaga? (When is the class?)
Yelli Where Ramu yelli? (Where is Ramu?)
Avaru He / She (with respect). Also they / those people Avaru teacher. (He / She is a teacher)
Ivaru He / She. This person / these people Ivaru students. (These people are students)
Ooru Place / hometown Nanna ooru ABC. (My place is ABC)
Hesaru Name ...view middle of the document...

(He went)
HodaLu / Hodaru (She) Went / wrp AvaLu hodaLu/ Avaru hodaru. (She went)
Banda / Bandaru (He) Came / wrp Avanu banda / Avaru bandaru. (He came)
BandaLu / Bandaru (She) Came / wrp Avalu bandalu / Avaru bandaru. (She came)
Alli There Alli pustaka ide. (Book is there)
Illi Here Illi nodu (See here)
Baa / Banni Come / wrp Bega baa. (Come fast)
Thago / Thagolli Take / wrp Pen thago (Take the pen)
KeLu / keLi Listen / wrp Nanna maathu kelu (Listen to me)
HeLu / HeLi Tell / wrp Nanage kathe helu (Tell me a story)
OLage Inside Olage yenu ide? (What is inside?)
Horage Outside Horage maLe ide. (It is raining outside)
Nilli Stop Alli nilli. (Stop there)
Eega Now Eega neenu baa. (Come now)
Aaga Then Aaga maLe banthu. (It rained then)

Kannada Class – Session 3 Handout

Namaskaara Good day.
Shubhadina Good morning.
Shubharaatri Good night.
Hogi barutheeni Goodbye.
Dayavittu Please.
Dhanyavada Thank you.
Hege Iddira? How do you do?
Chennagi Iddini Very well, thank you.
Susvaagatha Welcome.
ShubashayagaLu Congratulations.
Kshamisi, thada ayitu. Sorry, I'm late.

Words conveying relations

Amma Mother
Appa Father
Maga Son
Magalu Daughter
ANNa Elder brother
Tamma Younger brother
Akka Elder sister
Tangi Younger sister
Ajja Grandfather
Ajji Grandmother
Ganda Husband
Hendathi Wife
Maava Uncle / Father in law
Atte Aunt / Mother in law
ALiya Son in law
Sose Daughter in law
Chikkappa Father’s younger brother or mother’s younger sister’s husband
Chikkamma Mother’s younger sister or father’s younger brother’s wife
Doddappa Father’s elder brother or mother’s elder sister’s husband
Doddamma Mother’s elder sister or father’s elder brother’s wife

Kannada Class – Session IV Handout

Numbers 1 to 20 and 10 to 100

1 - ondhu 11 - hannondhu 10 - hatthu
2 - eradu 12 - hanneradu 20 - ippatthu
3 - mooru 13 -hadhimooru 30 - muvatthu
4 - naalakku 14 - hadhinaalakku 40 - nalavatthu
5 - aidhu 15 - hadhinaidhu 50 - aivatthu
6 - aaru 16 - hadhinaaru 60 - aravatthu
7 - Elu 17 - hadhineLu 70 - eppatthu
8 - entu 18 - hadhinenTu 80 - embatthu
9 - ombatthu 19 - hatthombatthu 90 - thombatthu
10 - hatthu 20 - ippatthu 100 - nooru

Commonly required vegetables, fruits and colors name

Vegetables --- tharakaari
Onion --- eeruLLi
Garlic --- beLLuLLi
Ginger --- shunTi
Potato --- aaloo gaDDe
Beans --- huraLikaayi
Cucumber ---...

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