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Learn German Essay

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Nominativ und Akkusativ

|The woman sees the girl. |The woman is the subject and is nominative. |
|  |the girl is the direct object and is accusative. |
|The girl sees the woman. |The girl is the subject and is nominative. |
|  |the woman is the direct object and is accusative. |
|George W. Bush is the President. |George W. Bush is the subject and ...view middle of the document...

|Ich sehe das Fenster. |Ich habe ein Fenster. |
|Plural |Ich sehe die Bücher. |Ich habe keine Bücher. |

The nouns above are all in the accusative case because they are direct objects.

To summarize in a few words:

|Nominative case is used: |Accusative case is used: |
|  - for the subjects of sentences |  - for direct objects |
|  - after any form of the verb “to be” |  - after accusative prepositions |

A. Practice. Circle all nouns in the nominative, and underline all nouns in the accusative.

|1. |I meet them on Tuesday. |6. |He plays the piano. |
|2. |They invited me. |7. |Run Lola Run is a German movie. |
|3. |Paul hit the ball. |8. |I’m sleeping. |
|4. |Martin and Petra like to read. |9. |Is that a Mercedes? |
|5. |Have you seen a Shakespeare play? |10. |Donald owns a hotel and a car. |

B. Auf deutsch. Now practice identifying subjects and objects in these German sentences.

|1. |Er hat ein Buch. |Subjekt = _______________ |Objekt =________________ |
|2. |Ich trinke Kaffee. |Subjekt = _______________ |Objekt =________________ |
|3. |Martin und Georg kaufen viele CDs. |Subjekt = _______________ |Objekt =________________ |
|4. |Peter hat den Stift. |Subjekt = _______________ |Objekt =________________ |
|5. |Herr Schmidt trinkt eine Cola und ein |Subjekt = _______________ |Objekt =________________ |
| |Bier. | | |
|6. |Unsere Großeltern sprechen Deutsch. |Subjekt = _______________ |Objekt =________________ |

C. Sie sind dran. Now that you’ve had some practice recognizing forms, what about writing them yourselves? Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the articles in parentheses. First, figure out what word is subject and what is object; then think about what the right form is.

Fill in the correct DEFINITE article (der/die/das/den).
|1. |________________ Vater findet ________________ Tür nicht. |
|2. |________ Professorin schreibt __________ Brief (=letter, m). |
|3. |Hat ________________ Bruder...

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