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Learn From The Past, Live For The Future

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The past and the future; two concepts of time forever intertwined, spiraling around the present. They influence its every decision, sometimes one more than the other. Throughout this braided mass of time, the human species secretly yearns for “Community, Identity, [and] Stability”(1). These basic principles are brought to mankind in Aldous Huxley’s groundbreaking novel, Brave New World. This novel raises the questions; how can people achieve these secret goals of society? And how will we ever get to the point of a worldwide community? A sense of identity? And a stable society? The answer is swirling around the world, every second of every day. Time. In order to achieve these ...view middle of the document...

Innovation can go on forever more. It is due to this eternity that people must look ahead and plan for the future in order to create a stronger society. When the Controller plans to send away the outcasts he is taking a large step in planning for the world’s future. He stresses how “science is dangerous…[and yet] science is everything”(225). Development must happen even if its occurrence in society would cause the people unease. By keeping all of “the most interesting men and women”(227) together on a desolate island, progress can be made, but the society can be kept out of it. By living for the future the Brave New World is able to keep progress moving, while allowing society to live out the goals outlined for them by their superiors.
When it comes down to the roots of societies influences, one must examine what the result of two polar opposite characteristics in a being, whether it is an individual or a community. In Brave New World the collaborative character is the Savage, John. He has been enlightened through the literary works of Shakespeare, thus gaining knowledge from the past. During his trip to the World State he gains an understanding of the future. During this time his moral standards become a key...

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