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3Doodler – Alexander Weiss (RedID: 816410953) Lean Canvas and Criticism

Problem When people are drawing, they often can’t help feeling limited, because they can’t touch or feel their paintings. In short, drawings don’t feel real! This is really sad, since people try to be creative when they are drawing and being creative is easier the more flexible you are and the better you can capture your imagination, your thoughts and feelings. Hence many people don’t feel comfortable, but limited by drawing in just two dimensions. Besides the restrictions of 2D drawing many creative women would rather develop a new, individual piece of jewelry on their own than just to buy a finished product. Wearing ...view middle of the document...

Their art is very durable, but also very time consuming, expensive and it requires an elaborated technique. Usually hobbyists don’t work with stone. Unique Value Proposition The most important feature of the 3D Pen is its ease of use. The 3Doodler is a 3D printing device that can be used within minutes without needing any technical knowledge, software or computers. You can use the 3Doodler like a regular pen, hence it is very intuitive. It is also important to mention that the 3Doodler is not only a tool like burin and hammer, because it also includes the material. So you just need to buy one product to be ready to start. Additionally it is reasonable accurate, in particular considering additional features like the stencil kit and also compared with products like modeling clay. These features underline the high efficiency of the 3D pen. The 3Doodler is also very practical, because of its size. You can take it easily with you to a friend or during vacation. It actually could fit in a trouser pocket. All in all the most important value proposition of the 3Doodler is the combination of a great ease-of-use, a high level of efficiency at a reasonable and for everyone affordable price. Unfair advantage As the first 3D printing pen the 3Doodler will generate a first mover advantage. New market entrants will need to extend the market or to take market share away from WobbleWorks to enter the market for 3D pens. Furthermore, the creators of the 3Doodler own patents on the cooling process, the plastic hardens almost immediately on extrusion. This will prevent possible competitors from just copying the technique used. This will create a significant entry barrier, which could also result in a sustainable competitive advantage in later stages of the project, if the inventors keep improving this process. And also the coolness factor of being the first 3D printing pen in the world and a kickstarter could prompt possible customers in the future to prefer the product of WobbleWorks than the product of a less likeable big company.

Customer Segments The primary target group is composed of creative hobbyists, who just want to try out a 3D printing pen to entertain themselves or maybe to try out their art skills or to use the pen to personalize or repair things. The 3Doodler could become a basic “must have” tool, like scotch tape or a common pen. The second target group of the 3Doodler consists of artists, who are interested in this form of art. Of course there are artists, who will quickly feel comfortable with the 3D pen like wire artists, because their art looks similar to 3Doodles and some other artists whose art is not comparable won’t pay any attention to the 3D pen. And Art Schools could also become significant customers. Since the great ease of use and the coolness factor of the 3D pen could be an appropriate tool to attract new members. The last but not least target group could be creative teenagers who just want to entertain themselves with a cool toy....

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