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Leading People Essay

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Leading People BPPG
Leading People

October 28, 2011

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Leading People..................................................................
Personal Leadership Goals……………………………..
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I took the role as the recorder but I really demonstrated leadership skills by getting the information to my team so that it would give the team something to discuss and agree or disagree on. When you work with a team sometimes it’s not possible for everyone to be present but input is very important so that everyone views, suggestions, and comments are recognized. I displayed coaching characteristics, “a partnership for achieving results”, (DuBrin, 2007).
In week two, I learned that teamwork is best developed in an off site or outdoor training facility. Making the team feel comfortable so they can be themselves and participate without feeling uncomfortable. This will allow the team to learn by doing this will also focus on leadership and teamwork skills. When working with a team; team members must know that there is a level of expectations needed to be successful. It is important to know the difference in leaderships the two discussed in week two were team leadership, and solo leadership. The solo leader is the “traditional leader”, (DuBrin, 2007). The team leader is a leader that, “shares power”, (DuBrin, 2007). Team leaders are not afraid to get help from others and share the credit. The end results should benefit the company as a whole and not one person, “team leaders intuitively recognize that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”, (DuBrin,...

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