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Leading From The Frontline: Sustaining Leadership At All Levels In A Large Organisation

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Executive Summary."Leadership" can be an elusive quality. How does one become a better leader? And what makes a great leader? Although there are no easy answers to these questions, key elements of leadership -- including communication, delegation, and team building -- can be studied and developed. Courage and integrity are at the core of successful leadership. These character traits are primarily learned, not innate. Large organisations find difficult to remain competitive in this changing environment owing to their complexity of processes, size and infrastructural limitations. In response to intensifying global competition, more and more organisations are striving to create inclusive work ...view middle of the document...

5.1 What is Leadership?Leadership is a complexed process by which a person influences others to accomplish a mission, task, or objective and directs the organisation in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent.Jack Welch, respected business leader and writer is quoted as proposing these fundamental leadership principles (notably these principles are expanded in his 2001 book 'Jack: Straight From The Gut'):1. There is only one way - the straight way. It sets the tone of the organisation.2. Be open to the best of what everyone, everywhere, has to offer; transfer learning across your organisation.3. Get the right people in the right jobs - it is more important than developing a strategy.4. An informal atmosphere is a competitive advantage.5. Make sure everybody counts and everybody knows they count.6. Legitimate self-confidence is a winner - the true test of self-confidence is the courage to be open.7. Business has to be fun - celebrations, energise and organisation.8. Never underestimate the other guy.9. Understand where real value is added and put your best people there.10. Know when to meddle and when to let go - this is pure instinctLeaders make things happen by:- knowing your objectives and having a plan how to achieve them- building a team committed to achieving the objectives- helping each team member to give their best effortsSenior Executives Must Lead by Word and DeedOrganisation has to identify following five characteristics of successful global leaders:(1) Context specific knowledge and skills,(2) Inquisitiveness,(3) Personal character (connection and integrity),(4) Duality (the capacity for managing uncertainty and the ability to balance tensions),(5) Savvy (business savvy and organisational savvy).For leaders who rose to their positions in an autocratic organisational hierarchy, learning to embrace and model behaviors like collaboration, partnership and consensus-building may seem awkward at first. Fortunately, in an inclusive work culture, leadership infallibility is not required; leadership integrity is. Our experience shows that integrity and honesty in an organisation's leadership is a critical factor in fostering people's commitment, morale and investment in the success of the organisation. For senior leaders, acknowledging the difficulty of change and demonstrating a commitment to being on a learning curve is a highly effective way of building credibility and acceptance for the change effort throughout the organisation.Communicating the Organisational Imperative for Inclusion:Modeling an Inclusive Approach to CommunicationIn a large, many-layered organisation, most people will not have a direct-report relationship or significant direct contact with the senior leaders. If the senior leaders want to make a strong impression throughout the organisation about the need for change and their own personal commitment to change, they must step outside the normal means of organisational communication and create new points of...

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