Leading Change For High Performance Essay

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Case Study: Leading Change for High Performance

Joyce Rance
Organizational Excellence and Change

March 27, 2014

Dr. Laurie Cure

Summary of the Case
Christina Gold, CEO of Western Union has proposed a change to unify the U.S. operations with its international division and to have both act as one entity, thus a regional structure with three main divisions: the Americas; Europe, Africa, the Middle East and South Asia Pacific to meet the needs of its’ global clientele. However, leaders in the U.S. are reluctant to give up the control of product lines, while regional leaders favor the decentralization of the two operations.
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First Data Corp. is satisfied with the current make-up of the organization, same brand promise, same pieces of information, same order (Konrad & Mitchell, 2005), and simply put, the company has maintained consistency. According to Ackoff (1999, p. 50) an “inactive management only responds to change when it is absolutely necessary to avoid an impending crisis”.
Alternative Courses of Action
Change can be an overwhelming process when done too quickly or all at once. Jana Johnson, vice president and executive development of First Data is aware of the change that is needed to grow both First Data and Western Union (Konrad & Mitchell, 2005). Kouzes & Posner (2009) suggest leaders search for opportunities, challenge the process, change the status quo, now with that being said, an alternative to changing to the three main divisions at once, Western Union and First Data should experiment as suggested by Kouzes & Posner, 2009) with one division at a time. Western Union can begin with the smallest of the three divisions, while the other two remain under the leadership of Western Union International without causing a loss of revenue.
Another of the three divisions can be structured according to the strategic plan based on a schedule and the success of the preceding division. Should one of the divisions show signs of profit loss, then adjustments can be made to accommodate the restructuring and minimize or eliminate the likelihood of loss of revenue before proceeding to the next division.
Christina God became president of Western Union for her superb experience in management and global operations skills and has demonstrated skills through clear vision, innovations, and not being afraid to challenge the process and take risk (Kouzes & Posner, 2009). Gold wants to unify the U.S. operations with the international division and she should therefore trust the leaders with whom she has matched with the appropriate...

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