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Leading And Managing People Essay

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Module Assessment
“Reflections on my approach to management and leadership, now and for the future”
Interpretation of results:
The McPhee Andrewartha Influence Dimensions (ID) survey results would suggest I belong to the CREATOR style group. This would infer I am a dynamic, charismatic and enthusiastic team leader, who seeks to bring a fresh approach, harnesses new ideas and adapts to change easily. All of the above aspects are those which I identify well with at work. However the CREATOR style also states that creators are rather spontaneous and somewhat erratic at home, or outside of work, which is not a characteristic I relate well to.
All of my scores are in the ID results are very ...view middle of the document...

The areas in which I may need to be attentive include, providing supportive communication and motivating others.
Comparison of the three instruments used:
These results did reveal numerous similarities across the three instruments. The comparison also revealed several differences.
One message with which I relate strongly is the CREATOR trait of the ID profile; “Intuition and Innovation” (refer Appendix 1). I feel this links well with that of the DRIVER style of the BELBIN model which references “challenging inertia” (refer Appendix 3). I interpret these as a proactive approach; looking ahead and seeking to improve.
Another similarity in the comparison of these two instruments included the CREATOR trait of “working well with an authoritative leader, or can dominate in the absence of leadership”. I believe this is appropriately linked to the natural ability of an individual with a DRIVER style to “lead by directing and controlling people”. Certainly, when faced with a situation of little or no leadership, I am prepared to step up and take charge of the matter to ensure tasks are conducted as intended and goals are reached. In many instances, I find colleagues, staff and even friends look to me for support or direction in times of need, to which I am ultimately very comfortable. I believe this is also reflected in the CREATOR strength of rising to a challenge and thinking on the hop.
The two styles contradict most apparently in the sense that CREATOR’S are likely to be largely spontaneous and somewhat erratic. A CREATOR may even change opinion or course regularly, following the new course with as must gusto as they did a contradictory path (refer Appendix 1). DRIVERS, however, are more goal oriented and scheduled and enjoy making long range plans (refer Appendix 3). Truthfully, I relate well with both and feel I appropriately cater an approach to the situation of which I am presented.
One commonality across the responses in the PAMS survey and the two other instruments was that of gaining power and/or influence. I interpret this as my personal desire to lead, rather than follow. I endeavour to assert myself and ensure that I make connections which will aid self and team achievement.
Comparative analysis of self and colleague assessments:
Largely, I was pleased with the feedback collected through this exercise. The responses collected suggest numerous trends (refer Appendix 2 and 4). This could suggest the responses are an accurate representation of my leadership and management style, however; I am conscious the feedback was drawn from a narrow cross-section and should not be considered a true reflection of the perception held across the entire team.
Two areas were closely comparable in my own assessment and that completed by colleagues; Self Awareness and Stress. Self awareness and general awareness are a critical requirement in business. I remain vigilant and deliberate in the majority of my undertakings and dealings at work. The high...

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