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Leading And Controlling Essay

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·         Introduction

Most people recognize the red kettles and bell ringers during the holidays or perhaps visit the second hand stores of the Salvation Army, but there are many more programs and charitable works that are credited to the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army aides and feeds the homeless, assists communities during emergencies, offers adult rehabilitation, youth camps, and elderly services to name a few.
There is also a strong business side to this non-profit organization. Basically run along the same lines as an Army with many military comparisons, the Salvation Army is comparable to companies in the business of making money for profit.
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Leading and Controlling by Daniel

Leading and controlling are two important management functions that are affected by both internal and external factors. Keeping your team motivated to be successful on a personal level and business level faces many challenges that are faced on a day to day basis. Having open communication internally and externally will keep the employees and customers of The Salvation Army. The communication that is enforced with the managements’ leadership ability will help bring new ideas to the corporation that will not only benefit them internally but, will show external devotion towards their cliental. When the leading function fails it can make drastic changes in the outcome of many projects. Expressing your ability to stimulate the employees to continue to be motivated to succeed will help so many different aspects of The Salvation Army achieve everything possible. Even if you have an outstanding motivating manager, without controlling the strategies you put into place, the plans can fall through and be unproductive. Keeping a close eye on the affects of the changes you put into place, may be able to catch any miscalculations that could happen. This will keep the morale internally and externally high because of the dedication and control that you have on positive changes that are being made. Implementing creative ideas that employees and cliental have shared will grow the corporation in the right direction. Keeping up to date of any past, present, and future challenges that The Salvation Army may face will help prevent any negative changes to be made. Making sure that both internal and external clients are happy is a step closer to having a successful corporation.
Technology and Globalization Elizabeth

Diversity and Ethics
The Internal and external factors of diversity and ethics are imperative to the success of The Salvation Army, and affect the way management may incorporate the four functions of management which are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. There are situations that occur that can affect the culture of a business and the functions of management, either in a positive or negative way. These factors can be externally or internally for an organization. The internal factors are events, or situations that inside an organization, and that of which the may be able to keep under control. Examples of internal issue may be; a mainframe database that the organization controls their inventory,...

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