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Leadership Theories That Are Best For A Leader

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This report is based on defining leadership and its theories. Steve Jobs and Jeff Bozes leadership approach and style is analysed and which leadership skills are acted upon by these leaders and how they fit in the skill approach model. Furthermore, it would be analysed whether the leadership approach practiced by Steve Jobs and Jeff Bozes could have been successful in a slow moving industry such as construction or banking industry. In the end, the reflection of the most appropriate theories that I would prefer to use when opening a company like Amazon or Apple with 5 experienced people. In addition, critically evaluation of the relevant theories is also analysed.
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Leaders score higher than average on the scores of ability (intelligence), sociability (cooperation, popularity), & motivation (initiative) (Shaw, 1976 & Fraser, 1978).
3. Contingency theories: These are theories that focus on variables that determine which style of leadership is best fit for a situation. This means to look at what the leaders actually do, rather than their underlying characteristics. The management and leadership style is influenced by person’s perceptions about human nature (McGregor, 1960). It also states that there is no one best leadership style to lead in all situations.
4. Situational theories: This theory was developed to indicate that the style of leadership depends upon the situation, people, task & environment. This means that leaders take action based on the situations that might be different at different times. Fiedler (1964, 1967) stated that there is no single way to lead; instead leader’s style should be chosen according to the situation. This view was also supported by Hersey and Blanchard (1969, 1977). In addition, the leader should balance the needs of the task, team and individuals (John Adair, 1973).
5. Transformational theories: This theory focuses on the connection between leaders and followers. The leaders motivate, inspire and focus on performance of group members individually. The leaders often have high ethical and moral standards. Transforming leadership is a relation of mutual stimulation and elevation the converts the followers in to leaders and leaders in to moral agents (Burns, 1978).
6. Charismatic leadership theory: a charismatic leader is someone who rebuilds morale and brings positivity in future success. This theory combines great man and transformational theories. The main characteristics of charismatic leader are dominant personality, Strong role model, behaviour and competence, high expectations and confidence in their followers (Northouse, 2004, p171).
7. Behavioural theories: These theories believe that great leaders are made, not born. This theory focuses on actions of leaders rather than mental qualities. It also believes that people can learn to become leaders through experience, observations and teaching.
Steve Jobs & Jeff Bezos Leadership Approaches
In light of established leadership theories, Steve Jobs the co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc. was an innovator and a revolutionary leader. Northouse (2007) describes leadership in his book, Leadership: Theory and Practice, as an individual’s influence to achieve a common goal. Steve Jobs had an influence on the people at Apple Inc. which resulted in company’s success. Steve Jobs influence spread from people under his immediate direction to the whole organization and the goals Apple Inc. have accomplished in years in very impressive.
The leadership traits that Steve Jobs possessed were persistence & innovation. Jobs always focused on how to do things better more creatively and effectively. Because of these traits he was able to...

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