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Leadership Styles In Professional Nursing Essay

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Leadership Styles in Professional Nursing
Kimberly Bibbins
Chamberlain College of Nursing
NR351: Transitions in Professional Nursing
Fall 2010

Leadership Styles in Professional Nursing
A leader is someone who takes charge, influences and guides other towards a mutual goal. (Hood, 2010) Leadership is viewed as a skill that not everyone processes. (Collins, 2008) There are several leadership styles in professional nursing being applied on a daily bases that can either enhance or diminish the standards of practice. There are three basic leadership styles described in the text, which include Authoritarian, Democratic and Laissez-faire. (Hood, 2010). This paper will focus ...view middle of the document...

There is great emphasis placed on the importance of choosing a manager and that the characteristics of a potential manage should be considered during the selection process. Overall the study shows that leadership has a direct effect on the work environment, staff satisfaction and staff turnover. (S, G, & G, 2008) The Associated Content article discusses the three leadership styles, Authoritarian, Democratic and Laissez-faire and the qualities of an effective nurse leader. The article emphasizes that there is a great deal involved to becoming an effective leader. The way in which a leader behaves is just as important, because they must be able to think critically, solve problems, be able to respect and listen to others. (Maji, 2009) Both articles stress the importance leadership and how it can shape people and an organization.
Authoritarian and Democratic Leadership
The Authoritarian leader exercises great control in order to get the work done. (Hood, 2010) This type of style will maintain a very strong control and will make and solve all the problems for the group; they will not share the responsibility or the authority with any of their employees. The Authoritarian leader will control the group and make all the guidelines, they will not seek out suggestions or input from their employees. This leadership style works best when the leader carries more knowledge then the group as a whole. (Maji, 2009)This type of leadership style is mainly utilized in the military and law enforcement. The Democratic leader works together with the group in order to accomplish a goal. (Hood, 2010) A democratic leadership style acts more as a facilitator and resource person for their employees. As a democratic leader the leader is more concerned for each member of their group. The democratic leader works side by side with the employees, as part of the group and is willing to work towards a mutual goal. This type of leadership style works best in nursing because every member of the team has something to contribute. (Maji, 2009) An individual’s leadership style is greatly influenced their personality and experience. Leadership style and behavior can be learned, however, researchers believe that personal attributes such as intelligence and temperament sets limits for learning. (S, G, & G, 2008)
Application of Clinical Example
All nurses should have some leadership skills because they have to make decisions when caring for patients. A clinical nursing manager is an example of a leader in the nursing profession. Management and leadership are...

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