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Leadership Styles And Organizational Behavior Essay

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Running head: Relating Leadership Styles to Organizational Behavior 1

Keta Johnson

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September 14, 2014
Running head: Relating Leadership Styles to Organizational 2
Relating Leadership Styles to Organizational Behavior
Numerous studies have been conducted to ...view middle of the document...

Biggs, Bough and Barbour (2014) conducted a quasi-experimental study to analyze the correlation between employee’s work attitude and their work engagement. As part of their study methodology, they randomly assigned participants to a treatment group known as a leadership-development intervention program; thus being able to collect data from the group (program). All employees within the organization were asked to complete the electronic surveys; only 1,098
Running head: Relating Leadership Styles to Organizational 3
responses were returned (42% response rate). Results from the study findings indicated that there was a positive correlation between employee’s work characteristics and work engagement. Findings from the leadership-development intervention participants also had a positive effect on subordinates’ perception of the workplace; which demonstrated a positive top-down flow from management to subordinates (Biggs et al., 2014). The study was pretty solid; however, the authors failed to mention any outside influences or other factors that would have a negative effect on the officer’s work engagement.
Similarly, Lian and Tui (2012) proposed a theory suggesting the correlation between leadership styles, subordinates’ competence, downward influence tactics and outcome of organizational citizenship behavior within organizations. Using quantitative research as their study methodology, researchers randomly sampled 2000 firms (representing major industries such as services, manufacturing, mining and construction companies). Study findings indicated that the transformational leadership style has a significant positive relationship with subordinates’ organizational citizenship behavior, whereas the transactional leader style is negatively related to organizational citizenship behavior. The results from Lian and Tui (2012) conveyed the direct effects of leadership styles on the subordinates’ outcome as well. This research was very solid and offered valid evidence and research to support their findings and conclusion.
Unlike the previous research studies that displayed a positive relationship between management and subordinates, Sahertian and Soetjipto (2011) found that employees are not always willing to interact with management due to productivity goals and being consumed in their work. This study aimed to report findings that suggests an employee’s organizational
Running head: Relating Leadership Styles to Organizational 4
commitment and self-efficacy can be improved by implementing task-oriented and relationship-oriented behavior. A series of case studies were used as the study methodology for this research; and data was collected from a sample of 125 respondents using questionnaires and interviews. The results of the study findings conveyed that the impact of relationship - oriented leadership behavior on organizational commitment behavior is insignificant. Sahertian and Soetjipto (2011)...

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