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Leadership Style Of Ricardo Semler Essay

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1.) What HR problems were evident at the Denver Mint?

Hostile Environment
 The main HR problem at Denver Mint was the lack of employee safety especially the women group at Denver. The women were facing a hostile work environment. For one they were under constant sexual harassment from their co-workers. For example, the case of the pornographic materials stashed in the toilet. The other example is the proposition by the male supervisor to the lady who had just come from her passing leave of her late husband.
It is the responsibility of every employer to make certain the safety of their workers and protecting employees from sexual environment should be one of them. Not only had Denver ...view middle of the document...

2.) Some businesses use a zero-tolerance policy – unacceptable and detrimental behaviour is not tolerated under any circumstances. Is a zero-tolerance policy an appropriate response for combating sexual harassment? Why or Why not?

A zero tolerance policy is one which requires a severe penalty to be imposed which is unbending in its imposition, and often does not give allowance for justifying circumstances. It is, as it states, completely intolerant of the behaviour for which it requires consequences, no matter what. It is a policy that punishes all offences severely, no matter how minor.
Arguments could be for sexual harassment, using a zero tolerance policy will be good in setting an example any future person intending to do will be scared.
Arguments against could be what constitutes sexual harassment is subjective. For instance it may be taken by one person as sexual harassment, for another it may just be simple association. Thus if zero tolerance is implemented, it may judge people with only minor things to have done sexual harassment.
Another thing is zero tolerance fails to look at situations People act differently in different situations. Thus this will lead to dealing with minor issue severely leading to many cases of punishments daily thus wastage of time and high employee expulsion as a result of the offences committed. Thus Zero tolerance is not suitable to Denver Mint or any other institutions for that matter as it does not look at the conditions it just set rules and sets mandatory penalty if people breaks them irrespective of conditions.

3.) What types of training might you suggest for the employees of the Denver Mint? Explain what this training should include and how you would present it?

Instead of Zero Tolerance Policy, Denver Mint should adopt another policy that is flexible. That looks into situations thoroughly before proposing punishment. To protect its female employees from sexual harassment, Denver should instruct its male staff that it is wrong to harass their female colleagues and anybody found guilty of the offence will be punished. Supervisors also are not excluded from the punishment. Denver should investigate sexual harassment cases and punish the offenders with strict punishment so that it can set examples to others not to do. Then Denver should...

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