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Leadership Role In The Workplace Essay

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Leadership Roles in the Workplace

Prepared for
Management and Supervision

Ms. Jacqueline Carreras

Prepared by
Connie Burns-Marshall

Management-Skills and Application by Rue & Byars book have a lot of useful information. It focuses on the essential skills that are needed to become a successful manager. It’s a roadmap for critical thinking that’s needed in leadership where problem solving, decision-making and empowerment are daily routine roles. Senior management value leaders that can focused on accomplishing organizational objectives accurately and efficiently with these professional skill sets. At the end of each chapter the ...view middle of the document...

I have been communicating more and trying to ask the right questions of the right people; using semantics in terms of getting people’s reactions, listening to their responses and developing approaches to resolutions that makes sense. (Rue, p. 48) It’s clear that I must be a critical thinker who doesn’t simply go with conventional thoughts or assumed best practices. I’m acquiring knowledge that’s enabling me to explore critical job and organizational questions with curiosity to find the best possible ways of doing things.
With my new found knowledge I have a better attitude in my social and professional setting. I always felt that I was an emotionally stable person and recognized the emotional needs of others. I have learned over the years this contributes to my workplace relationships and my career successes. I have seen people that react abrasively to stress or unfortunate circumstances and find themselves in hot water with their colleagues and management as well. Rue teaches that leaders must manage emotions to maintain an impression of approachability with employees. Persistent moodiness can cause colleagues or subordinates to avoid you. I must never let my emotions get in the way of my business judgments; overall, my goal is to be a visionary no a day-to-day grinder. (Rue, p. 300)
Rational and clear thinking in a leadership role isn't just about being a manager resolving actual issues that currently exist; problems can also be a situation that is in front of me that needs a solution. For example, I have been assigned a leadership role starting a new workflow process for patient documentation and data collection for research purposes. As a leader I’m going to use critical thinking to look at this process from every angle. It isn't just about deciding to start a process and doing it; it is about looking at the process in a much broader way and communicating and sharing with your team. It is about creating solutions to problems that could occur and anticipating and addressing counter arguments from upper management. (Rue, p. 349)
When it comes to rational approaches to decision making it is about finding ways to dig deep enough into an issue that all possible issues related to this new process are discovered ahead of time. By doing this I will be able to come up with remedies to our problems or find a way to keep it from occurring in the first place. Thus far, I found that starting this new process there are numerous items I have to think through in order to implement an effective workflow process. (Rue, p. 69)
Most importantly, as the team lead on this particular projects I’ve realized during this course that my most able resource in any problem situation is going to be people around me. Just as problems do not occur in the vacuum, neither do solutions appear from thin air. It would be a mistake for me as a leader to assume that I must solve every problem by myself. Problem solving, like leadership in general, requires team decision...

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