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Personal Leadership Development Plan

Avi Weinstein BMGT363 11/16/2011

To preface my Personal Leadership Development Plan, I feel that my path in life is in some ways unique when compared to those of my peers, while in other ways it is very similar. As an Orthodox Jew, I pledge much of my time and efforts to performing the myriad rites and responsibilities of my religion to the enth degree, all the while inexorably tied to my community and its members at the assortment of levels. Combined, these aspects to my identity make up an unshakeable core of who I intrinsically am, something that cannot be shrugged off indiscriminately, as one might forgo a career path that “just isn’t ...view middle of the document...

I feel I am well suited for positions of the sort because of a combination of my skills, passions, and leadership capabilities.

For five years from now, I hope to be working on a marketing team in one of the many mid-range, full-service ad agencies in the New York metropolitan area. As is common for these teams, I would be working in relatively small, cross-functional groups with others, collectively operating a small set of accounts. Within that team, my personal responsibilities could range from account management to data analysis or design, all of which I have experience doing now through my various jobs and campus involvements. Important leadership skills in groups of the sort include high task-orientation, ability to accommodate and collaborate both externally with the clients and internally within the team, and the capacity to maximize group efficiency through fitting task division. While the discussion of my results from the assortment of surveys and assessments will offer a more detailed analysis of how my current strengths play into or challenge those responsibilities, I feel that I largely have a strong basis in those metrics with obvious room to grow and improve in the future. While my ten-year plan is understandably hazier, it is in large part a continuation of my shorter-term goals. Perhaps the two most significant differences are desired location and position. Though it will largely depend on the states of Orthodox Judaism and the State of Israel at the time, ideally I would like to work in Tel-Aviv, living in one of the many towns between it and Jerusalem, perhaps working in developing cross-culture marketing strategies to appeal to Israel’s culturally diverse citizens. Hoping to have moved up the ranks from my five-year goal, I

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aspire to be a mid-level manager overseeing a variety of teams and accounts. This position would require a number of additional primary leadership responsibilities, notably including working effectively with diversity and cultivating cross-departmental network influence. While the latter is something I’ve been able to do relatively well thus far in life, cross-cultural development is an area that may be challenging and require improvement.

On the whole, I find that I am an honest and caring hard-worker who values efficiency and near-perfection. Not only do I believe that these are important standards in my own life, I find that I promulgate these traits to others, at times setting a bar too high for anyone else to reach. While I pride myself in the general ability to be both intensely detail-oriented and generally minded, I do occasionally get caught up in the minutiae of a task, stumbling to insist that everything is executed just right. Only ironic because of how much I like to plan things, I get extreme joy and excitement from spontaneity, perhaps because of its...

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