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Leadership Mr. Lee Kuan Yew

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LEADERSHIP MR. LEE KUAN YEW is the leader that I admire. Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, also known as the Father of Singapore was Singapore Prime Minister from 1959 to 1990 and it was under his leadership that Singapore became the most prosperous country in Southeast Asia. I admired him for his wisdom and conviction, that he was able to transform Singapore from an undeveloped British colony to a First World country. Heroic Ambitions When Mr. Lee Kuan Yew became the Prime Minister of Singapore in 1959, he envisioned Singapore to be a self-governing nation. Mr. Lee saw a great future for Singapore and he knew that it would be a difficult task to achieve this vision. He rallied his people, introduced long-term plans and joined the short-lived Federation of Malaysia to kick-start his mission. When the merger with Malaysia failed, he made sure that Singapore will survive the major challenges by making decisions and ...view middle of the document...

I found them and their job is to find their successors. So there must be this continuous renewal of talented, dedicated, honest, able people who will do things not for themselves but for their people and for their country”. Ingenuity With very limited resources, Mr. Lee knew that he has to be ingenious with his plans to make Singapore what it is today. In 1954, to convince Britain that Singapore is ready to become a self-governing nation, Mr. Lee together with his Englandeducated fellowmen form an alliance with the dominant Chinese pro-communist trade unionist supported by 70% of the total population of the Chinese-speaking Singaporeans. After the short-lived merger with Malaysia, in 1965, Singapore was fully independent but left with serious problems on national security, economy and social issues that need urgent solutions. To immediately address these issues on national security and economy, Singapore joined the United Nations in 1967 and become one of the founding members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in 1967. Since Singapore is multicultural, with different race and religions being practiced, Mr. Lee’s government strictly implemented laws that will counter any threat that might incite ethnic and religious violence. To address Singapore’s very limited water resources, Mr. Lee started water recycling in 1974 and continue to experiment until 1998 when they successfully


increase water supplies for non-potable use and eventually reduce the demand on the reservoirs for potable water. Self-awareness Mr. Lee Kuaw Yew knew his strength and weaknesses and the values he live by. He knew his capacity as a leader. In one of his interviews in 1994, Mr. Lee mentioned his belief in a Chinese aphorism – “ Xiushen Qijia Zhiguo Pingtianza “. Xiushen means look after yourself, cultivate yourself, do everything to make yourself useful; Qija, look after the family; Zhiguo, look after your country and Pingtianxia, all is peaceful under heaven.


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