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Leadership Managment Essay

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Three in One Reflection

This is my final year at the U of L where I will be graduating with a degree in accounting. I have had my ups and downs in the past five years. In the past five years I have struggled to find a purpose in what I am doing. It seems that everyone around me has a pretty good idea in who I am and what I should be. People have drawn a conclusion that I am a leader. However, I have never seen this quality in myself. That leads me to think why people view me this way when I don’t see it myself. The main reason I do not see this quality in myself is because I am scared to step outside of my comfort zone. I do not want to accept the fact that I am a natural leader because ...view middle of the document...

Yeah sure we had some good managers but without strong leadership there was no sense of direction. This distinction between managers and leaders showed me how both are required to run a successful business. Most importantly this topic showed me how being a leader could further my purpose.

The second topic that had a significant impact on me was the organization of teams. This topic changed the way that i viewed group work. I am more of an introvert, which is why it is no surprise that I prefer to work alone. However, the concept of a team over a group had an interesting impact on my previous assumptions. Before I felt that group projects were a waste of time but now I see team projects as way to get things done more effectively and efficiently. The main reason I say this is because I actually had an opportunity to put the team tips into practice with my own team in this class. First of all having a team charter that everyone agreed to follow made a huge difference from the start. There was a sense of structure that was upheld by the accountability between group members. We also had defined roles and responsibilities for each team member which kept the team on track and on schedule for each assignment. And finally we developed a team where each team member was seen as an equal. The equality within the team lead to each team member having a significant contribution to each assignment. Usually groups I have worked with in the past have had two members do most of the work while the other members do the bare minimal. This semester I learned the essential tips in how to cultivate an effective and efficient team. This valuable tool will help with taking my purpose to the next level.

The final and most valuable topic discussed this semester was developing an action plan. The ability to develop and implement a smart action plan will enable me to focus my efforts at getting my purpose off the ground. I learned how to set a SMART objective within my action plan. With this SMART objective I have a sense of direction to point my efforts towards. I also learned how to come up with a strategy as a way to achieve my SMART objective. Then this strategy is broken up into detailed actions steps. These detailed action steps give me guide in how to move from my starting position towards by SMART objective. Learning these three key elements that compose an action plan has taught me how to achieve my purpose rather than just sitting idle and thinking about my purpose. This tool is the most valuable tool that I have learned from Managerial Skill Development. The reason this tool is so valuable because it puts my thoughts into action. Without this tool I would be stuck in my thoughts rather than moving towards my purpose.

So now you are wondering what my purpose is and how these three topics have contributed to my purpose. First I’ll start...

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