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Leadership Lessons Essay

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In the world we live in emergencies happen all around us, the biggest question one can think of is are we prepared, and what are we ready to do in the situation? Far too often there are large incidents ranging from multi vehicle accidents, entrapment, wild fires, terrorist attacks, and sudden severe weather and so on that require a split second response from multiple agencies with hundreds of working personnel to save the lives of many. Any average person not working in a field relating to or participating in such volunteered practice events really doesn’t understand the time and effort it takes when a large incident takes place.
Sadly during August 2005 there were four states hit by ...view middle of the document...

Hurricane Katrina was one of the strongest storms to impact the coast of the United States during the last 100 years and it will always be remembered, hopefully in a positive way which will educate and prepare thousands incase another incident should arise (National climatic data center, 2016).
During the hurricane there was a significant response from first responders. A first responder includes Police, Fire fighters, and Medical. A police officer has the duty to protect and serve and during such incident they are reliable for closing down roadways putting up barriers and protecting the people. The fire department provides medical services to patients in need of care, sets up command posts, and rescues individuals who trapped. Medical consists of Emergency medical technicians and Paramedics who provide first hand pre hospital care to those in need. New Orleans police as well as the Levee Police department worked hand in hand to create a plan to assist in this disaster. The New Orleans fire department responded its 5th and 8th districts who worked vigorously to create a safe being for the people. At one point there were no firefighters sent in for help, “According to Deputy Fire Chief Joseph R. Matthews, also director of the city’s Office of Emergency Management, authorities could not put firefighters at risk during the storm. Initially, officials felt a levee may have succumbed, though residents felt it might have been a surge.” Soon after the “Gulf Coast states and localities expanded their EOC staffing and operations schedules in anticipation of Hurricane Katrina. The Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi State EOCs soon were activated to their highest levels. The State agencies began putting their response plans into action. The Louisiana State Police notified personnel assigned to the Traffic Control Center that they should report to the state EOC the following day to prepare for emergency response operations. The Louisiana National Guard began mobilizing 2,000 personnel while the Joint Forces headquarters and Louisiana National Guard activated its Joint Operations Center (JOC) at Jackson Barracks in New Orleans to coordinate their emergency response operations. Governor Barbour issued an executive order that directed Major General Harold Cross, Adjutant General of the Mississippi National Guard, to prepare to use the Mississippi National Guard for disaster relief operations. The Mississippi National Guard alerted military police and engineers, activated 750 personnel, and activated its EOC in Jackson.” (Fire Engineering, 2016)
The structured command played many different roles during Hurricane Katrina and with all hands that were put in although they were not able to help and save everyone they were able to provide aid to those trapped on rooftops, floating in the water and many...

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